Friday, March 16, 2012

Why A Snake and Jesus?

Francis Frangipane says this: "Complaining invites the devil" while teaching about the Israelites during their wanderings in the desert. Continually we read about their grumblings against Moses. His response was to hit the dirt face-down and plead with God. (Numbers 20:6) I love his response because I do that sometimes. When I have no answers; when I am desperate, I go to my office (it's the only room with carpet!) and go face-down and cry out to God. He really does come and meet me there, I have almost always come away with peace and an answer from Him. 

In Numbers 21:4-5, the people grumbled and God was fed up with them so He sent venomous snakes among them. The snakes bit the people and many died. They repented and asked Moses to pray to God for them. God told Moses to make a snake and lift it high on a pole, then when one was bitten, if they looked at the snake they would live. (Numbers 21:8-9).

While reading this in years past and again today, I questioned the snake on the pole and the New Testament referral to the incident in John 3:14-16. Why a snake? It has always bothered me for obvious reasons. Satan appeared to Eve as a sssssnake. 

So I asked the Lord about it, and he directed me to someone more learned than I and I share the article with you here: (I love revelation of truth via any vehicle God chooses to use!)  If you have ever questioned this story, then you will enjoy the light Mr Balmer brings to the story. (Not a long read, and easy to comprehend!)
Jesus and the Serpent

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