About Me

Hi, My name is Kathy, and I am a recovering perfectionist...(I think you call me a "type A" personality) :)

Being a blend of serious-deep {perhaps melancholy?} and occasional lighthearted silliness, I am the blessed recipient of much jesting from my humorous husband of 29 or so years (I married young) and my two out-of-the-nest chicks, (girl and boy) and the one son-in-law...Mostly they tease me about being old. But I laugh with them because my husband...he will always be older than me (by the way, I now say I am firstborn instead of oldest of a dozen because I am over 45) and one day it will happen to all children...guaranteed. Plus I have two grandsons!! Bennett and Parker.

After growing up on a dairy farm with very little social life, {but as a firstborn, doing a good job to make daddy happy was my favorite thing} I met and a few years later, married my "type D" (as in Driven/Dominant/Decisive... etc) husband (Dale)....I then launched into adult life as a hairstylist  with Regis Corporation in St. Paul, MN for about six years. There I overcame shyness. I LOVED my job!

I home-schooled for several years (through fourth grade for #1 and second grade for #2) I LOVED my job!

With hubs having an entrepreneurial spirit, and desiring for our kids to have their Mom at home, we took up crafting and selling. It was the heart-cut-outs in Country-Pine-Furniture days. We took the shelves,  and the bears and bunnies around to craft shows and boutiques. After doing that for many years, my dream came true to open a gift shop on our hobby farm from 2004-2012. I LOVED my job!

I am currently closing Bittersweet Farm. It has been very difficult to say good-bye. But I am certain that is what God wants me to do.

I have heard the Lord call me to speak and write in addition to my current position of teaching and leading Bible studies.

 I'm an encourager. To encourage means 'to push in courage'...it is a funny calling for one prone to fear isn't it?

I am currently Women's Ministry director at our church. I've taught Sunday School to all ages (though not at the same time!) for over 20 years and have spoken at many events in my church including youth events, our Ladies' Christmas Cafe, and at our Single-Mom's ministry. My joy is in mentoring. I mentor several wonderful women and have seen them walk through tremendous challenges and find victory because of the Truth of God's Word. Because of Jesus. 

Brief Bio: 
Firstborn of a dozen, wife, mom and 'Namma". Always learning, loving, leading. My heart beats for Jesus, my family and God's people.
My passion is to steady and build you up in your faith-journey... as just one of God's many blessed builders.

My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ... Colossians 2:2

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