Inspiring Blogs

Susie Larson
(The message the Lord speaks through her is filled with Holy Fire and I am honored that God answered a teeny prayer I whispered with little faith back in 2002 when I first heard her, "I want to be her friend.")
Jenn Dueholm
(Close personal friend...and the only one in my neighborhood that blogs! We serve together on the MOPS steering team. She is president. I am the older  mentor mom)
Ann Voskamp
(The one with a most unique gift of poetic-deep writing that, when you read it, is like when you visit the south and start saying "Y'all" after only one conversation...the rhythm of her words gets in your skin, in your heart and your head and you just start writing or thinking like her. I have seen countless bloggers with her rhythm... But you probably already knew all that.)
Jennifer Lee
(Neighbor to the South of me, sister on a farm, and weaves words rich and deep)
Alicia Bruxvoort
(I love this girl, she is my midwest blogging friend whose writing keeps showing up everywhere!!!)
Beth Moore
(a close personal friend...just kidding...who doesn't know her???)
Jennifer Walker
(I love her depth, her grace and her teaching will help you go deep)
Denise J. Hughes
(My Californian, fellow-Packer Fan sister, greatly gifted with words, beautiful inside and out!)
Jami Kaeb
(Who I shared meals with at She Speaks in '08 and who continues to help me see God. Did I mention she has SIX little ones and a ministry to/for Foster children?)
Emily Freeman
(One younger than I that teaches what I need to learn over and over)
Elaine Olsen
(She truly has a way with words, she paints them like art... and I love her heart)
Melanie Dorsey
(My Florida running friend, whose faith and zeal for life inspires me!)
Beck Gambill
(I met Beck through Susie Larson's blog~I love her heart and her writing!)
Brent&Lacy Hassler
(Lacy is my "little sister" whom I have mentored and absolutely love. Her husband is an AF man and both are great writers!)
Angie Knight (I met Angie blogging and then at She Speaks in '08. She is my Florida, snow-loving friend who also oozes love for Jesus out of every poor!)
Rachel Beran (Another Iowa-farming friend. We had a heart connection right away, and she was on a team that started a conference that has been successful. A special friend that I am determined to meet one day!)
Robin (She Speaks set us up...we were roomies in '08. Can she knit, I tell you! A great writer too!)
Cheri Hill (She is INTO books, and I just love her...every time we have an e-conversation I KNOW we would be close friends if we lived near one another!)
Teri Johnson (I just met Teri at a Christian Women in Media dinner and found we have much in common in our desire to encourage women, and magnify Jesus and His Word)
Paula (My Australia friend who publishes A Scarlet Rope of Hope blog which is encouragement for people experiencing anxiety and depression and is listed in my resources tab)

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