Friday, April 26, 2013

UNSTUCK- We Made It!!!

It's alway hard to come to the end of a good thing. But it happens on a regular basis, right? Life has chapters. Family chapters. Career chapters. Phase chapters. We've closed a few here at our house in the past few years with Kayla getting married, and Ethan off to college. Closing my gift shop. Closing our farm.

The sweet thing about hard goodbyes is the anticipation of what is ahead. Often we don't know. For instance, when Kayla was married in 2009, I didn't know that I would be enamored by two little grandsons by this time. And when Ethan left for college, I didn't know I would be gaining a lovely daughter this summer.

As we wrapped up our STUCK study, we all felt it. The sorrow for the last chapter. We gained so much from our time together. We enjoyed one another, opening our hearts and embracing who we are as women on this journey of life, learning and love.

I highly recommend the study. Jennie Allen is gifted in transparently expressing her heart and studying/teaching scripture. The format was do-able for everyone. It didn't take a lot of time, but it was enjoyably valuable time.

In our two hour meetings, we started by walking through our homework and sharing stories. Each week digs into a passage of scripture, and asks questions to get us interacting with the God's word. Digging deeper than a read-through.

Then there are projects. It was fun to see how much the women enjoyed the drawing projects. I think sharing our hearts through the art, or...sometimes scribbles was a fun way to "see" what we were studying, and each picture would enhance the lesson for others. We see things differently, and our lives are different, but when we let ourselves be vulnerable and trust one another, the differences intertwine and enhance our relationships and life experience. I love that!

In the middle, we watched a short (and creative) video of Jennie teaching on the chapter. The last hour was spent guided by question cards which were exceptional conversation starters. We encouraged one another and laughed a lot. Sometimes we cried too.

So we are closing this chapter, but eagerly looking for what is ahead. Ultimately for our home with Jesus in Heaven.

If I were to write a sub-title to STUCK, it would be "forget the temporary temptations and trappings, instead spend your life for eternal joy- which is being with Jesus in Heaven"

To close, I wanted to give everyone something to take with them to be a reminder of what we learned, and of our time together. So I asked my graphics-girl (daughter) if she would create a printable with my chapter summary statements. Here is what she came up with:

This is the way to get UNSTUCK:

I will trust Jesus to heal my broken places.
I will relinquish my rights so that I can truly love.
I will look for my satisfaction and glory in Heaven.
I will overcome fear by praying and trusting God.
I will listen for God's voice and live free in His will.
I will trust that I am in Jesus-the source of my life. 
I will spend my life bearing fruit that will last.

If you would like to download it to print for yourself, you can click HERE.

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Alicia said...

I LOVED this study- did it on my own last fall and I still pull it out to remind myself not to go back to those STUCK places. LOVE your subtitle- makes me want to follow Jesus ANYWHERE on the EDGE!