Friday, February 22, 2008

Many times when I need encouragement from the Lord it comes on the radio...Today, "I can feel your Presence here with me..."

Sometimes in my daily tasks, I can forget the nearness of God. I forget that He is ever-present with me. That He lives inside of me. Then other times I am overwhelmed with His nearness. Usually it is when I am vulnerable that I sense Him the strongest. I am so thankful for that grace. When my brother died 2 years ago. He carried me. When my son had surgery @ 6wks old, He carried me. I know He did, because I am too weak. I would have crumpled up without Him.

Tonight I went to a visitation. My little brother's sister-in-law was killed by a gunshot in the face. No one knows if it was suicide, homocide or an accident in a scurmish with the gun. All that is known (I think) is that her and her husband were having troubles and they were together when it happened (in their house) last Friday.

As I went around the funeral home looking at the picture boards, I saw a typical family. I saw pictures of her wedding. They looked so happy, like a typical couple on their wedding day, and I thought HOW? How does it go from happy beginnings to such tragic endings? Sorrow filled my heart when I thought of the hope we have in our Savior and how that hope must have been missing in this couple's home. Oh, how grieved I am. O Jesus, please wrap your arms around their family and bring them awareness of your Presence with them. Help them find comfort in your arms. Help them understand that You are good. Thank you that you know what happened. I pray that the truth would come out and there would be healing and restoration.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


A Stone Gatherer said...

So many people are wearing masks, and we can't see the hurt that is happening in their families. How I long for us to be able to really help each other, and be honest and say "I need help"! My heart goes out to this family!

Anonymous said...

How tragic, Kathy. My heart absolutely breaks for that family. Sometimes I am so aware how I could have been a statistic had I not turned to God when I did. My upbringing was not ideal and could have led to some terrible choices had it not been for God protecting me.

I think what you mentioned at the beginning of God and being aware of God's presence is the absolute key to keeping in line with Him and not going down a path of destruction.

I always love visiting your blog. Thanks so much for reminding me when you left a comment on mine!!

Have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow.

Angie said...

Kathy I am so sorry for this tragedy in your family. I will be in prayer as you minister as best you can in this situation. You are right...God does heal the brokenhearted...He binds up all our wounds with His divine love.
Bless you ---praying with you all.