Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Untroubled Heart

Micca Campbell's book came out in March/April 2009. I received a copy from her to read and write a review on. I believe she asked me because I have posted about wrestling much with fear. It has been good to go through this study over the long time period that it has taken in preparing our yard for Kayla's wedding. I have had much to ponder as I planted flowers, watered, and pulled weeds.

God has been pulling some weeds from my heart at the same time...

My struggle with fear hasn't been so much over "lions and tigers and bears", but the"What if's?" What if I fail at...what if I don't get that done....What if that person yells at me(my personal pronouns are quite revealing).

I first encountered Micca @ She Speaks last summer. I attended a workshop she spoke at. I remember sitting there thinking, "I would love to have a chat with her, I think we could be fast freinds." She was very comfortable in her own skin, and exhibited true love for Jesus. She used alot of her personal stories to highlight her message. She does the same thing in her book.

Micca knows the answer to fear is faith in God. The entire book points to His power, His love, and His ability to handle anything that comes our way. Each chapter paves the way for the next. The first chapter is her story of loss, and how she struggled, but through faith, found her peace and rest in God. Because of this experience, she can encourage us in all our struggles... Warning, I cried! You probably will too! But it is good to know how God has carried our sister.

Reading the book was like having a friend to dialog with about my fears. Micca shared so many personal stories that I could relate with. The Lord would bring to mind incidents in my own life with similarities. Many times I was encouraged that I had turned over fears to the Lord, and other times, I was seeing why the struggle had become difficult...due to my wrong focus, or wrong thinking about God.

There are questions at the end of each chapter to draw out how we think about things, or what we are currently struggling with, and scripture studies to encourage, and transform our thinking...

I have not been struggling currently with any overwhelming fears, but from time to time, the wedding prep has brought "what if's" to my heart, and I have been using those times to put my faith into practice and turn it over to the Lord...

Thank you Micca, for being faithful to share what the Lord called you to share. Isn't it beautiful how He brings good from everything?

Now I am having a bloggy give-away! Today is Sunday, July 12th. Next Sunday, July 19th, I will draw from comments for a copy of Micca's book!!

BTW, I did have a chat with Micca in the lobby of the hotel at the end of the confrence, and even though she didn't know me from Eve (smile) she was sweet like I knew she would be...


Joyful said...

Kathy...I JUST ordered this book last week!!!!!

Fear is a constant enemy of mine. I struggle with feeling like a failure because of all my fears...yet...I'm learning that I can choose to move forward IN my fear. I wish I was FEARLESS, but for now I'm learning to FEAR LESS and trust the Lord and take steps of faith.

I can't wait until this book arrives!!! I've debated ordering it for sooooo long. Praying God will use Micca's words to strengthen my walk of faith as well.

PS. Still always feel disappointed when I read how you attended She Speaks last year too. Oh how I wish I could have met you! Some day.

Rachel B said...

Oh boy, I get to be the first to leave a comment! I'd love to read this book! It sounds like something I need to read...and I'm sure so many others do too. Perhaps it could be our next book study for our women's group. :)

Oh to let go of fear, and hold on to faith! If we could only grasp the power we have living within Jesus' name.

Jill said...

What a great book! I too heard her and what a story - God was at work and still is, so encouraging! As I fear heading to SheSpeaks, perhaps I should revisit all Micca has to say!! Blessings, Jill

B His Girl said...

Hi Kathy,

Fear tries to rear its head often in my life. I can relate to the personal pronoun statement. I was in Micca's session last year at She Speaks also. She is warm and real. I know she poured out lots in this book. I pray for God to be the center of the upcoming wedding. Happy weeding and pondering. I have been known for using that time for the same thing. Blessings, B

HisFireFly said...

Oh that my heart would indeed remain untroublecd and fixed on Him, but I confess that I fall into the trap of fear too, too often.

Fear is the oppsite of faith, and without faith it is impossible to please our God.

Praise Him for His faithfullness even through our faithlessness.

Would love to read this book. Thanks!

Jess said...

Count me in!
Boy, could I ever use another book on fear. It's my greatest enemy. Thanks for sharing this one with us, Kathy!

Robin said...

Hi Kathy-
That definitely looks like a book I need to read - I have been on a journey lately to discover the root of my fears (Like my fear of flying!) God is teaching me things that are hard to learn - and I'm still trying to figure out what to do about it.
Sign me up! And if I don't win I think I'll go buy it!

Edie said...

I finished Micca's book just recently and I very much enjoyed it. God spoke to me through much of it as well and I didn't realize that I was holding on to fear.

Much love to you Kathy! I have been missing reading your blog. I love your insight.

Angie said...

Oh I enjoyed Micca as well!

I didn't realize (or forgot) her book was out! I WOULD LOVE to read it!!!

Kathy--I am so glad that the LORD crossed our paths last year!

I WISH I could come help you with the yard stuff....:)

A Stone Gatherer said...

I have much the same fears you do! I just experienced them again last night! I'm so thankful for a godly husband who reminds me what is happening and then prayers for me!