Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living in Response to God

I was reading Lysa's post this morning about a mountain she faced early in her adoption story, when it came to me again; our walks of faith are simply responses to God's activity in our lives. If we respond with "yes" and with trust, then no mountain can stop us!

It takes the pressure off of us when we know that the mountains are not ours to scale alone. Wherever God calls us, wherever we find ourselves, He is there and He equips us with everything we need. As Susie Larson stretches out her arm, she explains that living by faith is always something beyond our arm's reach. Something that we cannot do in our own strength. That illustration stays with me. Whenever I face something I feel is impossible, I recall the outstretched arm and I realize this is where faith must kick in.

If you go read Lysa's story, you see God. You put yourself in her shoes through her words and you can see the impossibility, and then you know she has scaled the mountain, and you know she didn't do it on her own. God is magnified.

Like Lysa, I just dropped off a boy at college. I look behind me at the mountain that I just climbed and I see God, because I know I know my son wouldn't be standing by my side singing his heart out to Jesus on Sunday morning worship at College if it wasn't for God, His Spirit, and His word.



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God Bless You ~Ron

Joyful said...

Beautiful my friend. "Living in Response to God". The only way to truly live.

Monday is my "mountain" day. We drop Chris off at University, but like you said, we too know Chris is at Redeemer because of God. Trusting Him.