Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Treatment

On Saturday a bunch of us at East Lincoln Alliance Church will be blessing single moms again!

Last September we did it for the first time and I think we were more blessed in our giving than the ladies~or at least as much! We had about a dozen guys outside pampering the cars. Detailing them with cleaning and vacuuming as well as changing oil and oil filter. Inside we provided child care. Two hairstylists did cuts and styles. (We have three this time!) We had pedicures, skin care, and massage! (I really wanted one of those myself!) The ladies can choose what they want and have it all if there is time!

This time we are adding hand treatments. We also have a light menu and an inspirational me!

Last time I talked about Living Water that satisfies. The perennial, refreshing, and nourishing water flowing from Heaven and offered to us by Jesus.

This time I will be talking about belonging  to Jesus and the blessings of being connected to His people. More to come on that after Saturday! :)

I spent about 12 hours today praying, planning, studying, writing, reading and rewriting the message. It has been an honor to seek God's heart for the hand-picked-by-Himself women He will bring this weekend. (We pray diligently that He brings who He wants to come) We only take 10 women so we can make them feel like the royalty that they are. We want to celebrate them and make sure they know they are loved and have sisters and brothers who want to serve them and encourage them and bless them. We want them to know they are not in this journey alone. Here are a few pics from last time:

Pastor Randy came in last time and said, "This is about the most fun we have ever had doing ministry!" I said, me too! Working together, giving of our gifts and showing off our King is simply delightful!


Anonymous said...

Oh yay! This makes me so happy. Single mothers need pampering. I like to call them double mothers as they are doing twice the work. xo

Paula said...

This "double mother" would love for this sort of thing to happen at my church, especially the car pampering! I'm going to retweet, hehe. xo

Karen said...

omg how cooooool it that.. that is so awesome of you girls..and how the single moms must feel blessed.. Great job,,,goood and faithful servant..
God Bless

Anonymous said...

what a blessing for all involved. I love this idea - and will be sharing it with some of our ladies. I'm on both sides - I'd love to be pampered and I'd love to help pamper as well! :)