Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Born To Be Wild

Reborn to be free.................

You used to walk in these [wild] ways, 
in the life you once lived. 
But now [that you are free of]
you must rid yourselves of 
all such things as these: 

  • anger, 
  • rage, 
  • malice, 
  • slander, 
  • and filthy language from your lips. 

Do not lie to each other,

since you have taken off your old [wild] self 
with its practices and have 
put on the new [free] self, 
which is being renewed in knowledge 
in the image of its Creator.

Colossians 3:7-10


Maria I. Morgan said...

Great truths to ponder and live out! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

great post.. as usual... Hope you and your family had a blessed Memorial day weekend..

Tammi said...

Dear Kathy,
This was very good!! Thank you for giving us this clear message of instruction from our Lord!

Rachel Beran said...

Thanks for the reminder!

Cherie Hill said...

Wow this was a powerful reminder. One that we should pray on each day. So glad I found your blog . . . seems you and I have the same wonderful blogging friends!