Friday, February 17, 2012

Your Hands Have Power

According to The New Bible Dictionary, the primary reference of “HAND” is ‘the action of the whole individual’.
It is also indicative of authority, power or blessing.

There is power in YOUR hands. What influence do your hands have? Are they grabbing things for you or are they giving to others? Are your hands used for blessing, healing, lifting, restoring?

Look at just a few verses from scripture:
Genesis 16:12…Ishmael’s hand will be against everyone. (God to Hagar)
Genesis 25:26…Jacob’s hand grasped Esau’s heel.
Genesis 33:10…hand gives presents.
Genesis 48:14…Jacob’s hands were upon the heads of his grandson’s for blessing.
Exodus 3:20…God stretches out His hand to do miracles.
Exodus 9:22…Moses stretches out his hand for a miracle.
Leviticus 4:33…The hand of the priest was laid on the sin offering to transfer Israel’s sin onto it.
1 Chronicles 4:10…that your hand might be with me (Jabez to God)
1 Chronicles 14:10…I will give them into your hand. (God to David)
1 Chronicles 29:12…all power and might are in God’s hand.
2 Kings 10:15…and he gave him his hand (In agreement, in a handshake)
Ruth 4:5…buy the field from the hand of Naomi. (Ownership or transfer of ownership)

…and countless others if you use a concordance to look up “hand”!

Here are some popular phrases:
Hand it over” (You have something I want or own)
“On the other hand…” (There may be another solution or way of looking at something)
“What do you have on hand?” (Something useful…to put to use)
“Can you give me a hand?” (I need more power than I have in my own two hands)

A hand is the power behind:
Tools: building, painting, fixing, styling, designing, planting, purchasing…etc.
Utensils: scissors, spoons, broom, mop, phone, computer…etc.

Consider the hand of Jesus in the healings he performed:
Mark 1:31, 41/ Mark 5:41/ Mark 8:23/ Luke 5:13

Jesus reached for other’s hands:
Luke 6:10/ Luke 8:54/ Mark 9:27/ Mark 8:23

Hands were against Jesus:
Matthew 20:19/ Matthew 26:23/ Mark 10:33

It just got me thinking...

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Cherie Hill said...

Wow. This was a powerful post to me, especially since the "word" God has given me for my life this week is, "Your deliverance is AT HAND." Thank you for listening to God and conveying His heart!