Thursday, May 17, 2012

God is Moving {and we are too!}

When life is full of frazzle, I tend to be quiet. It is a quality that was exaggerated and put a tremendous strain on my husband when I was in labor with my children. It was best for him to hold his breath during my contractions. Yes, even if he turned red (Dads have labor too, right?). I like it quiet until the hard part is over. Anyone relate?

Life lately has been like a contraction  but without the intense pain. More a discomfort actually. And we will be giving birth to something new on the other side of this labor. 

Three years ago Dale began working away from home. The change in the economy at the end of 2008 slowed the prospering commercial construction industry to a snails pace. As a result, the company he works for had to expand their horizons and went into building wind farms which are four or more hours away from home. 

As you might imagine, there have been some challenges and many questions swirling around in our minds regarding our future. It started as a temporary, 'not so far away' adventure ...with a four or five hour trip home on the weekends. But in December he went states away to Florida for six months and now he is off to Montana on Friday...then perhaps New Mexico after that. 

I've been left home with the farm and my shop after the {mostly} empty nest. It's a lot to take care of and the inconsistency of living this way is wearing on us so we felt we needed to make a change. We have pursued several things. New jobs, selling the farm, etc. Until now, nothing has opened up. We have been in "hard prayer mode" for three years. 

Before leaving Florida, Dale was having great success selling everything he used there (washer, dryer, microwave, etc) for profit on Craig's List. Even the USED curly light bulbs. No kidding! So one day I said to him, "You are on such a roll, we should put the farm on Craig's List!"  

We have a record of doing things this way. On a whim and a prayer. 

He told me to write a description and I sent it to him over a week later, after dragging my feet (from fear of packing I think~lol). The next day I got a text saying, "Are you ready?"

Um, yeah...

A week later I flew down to Florida to drive back one of his two vehicles. The job was finished and he was coming home. It was a four day adventure with a truck losing power going into the mountains, but miraculously making it up as we prayed, and then the next day, a popped tire on the trailer. During that time we received emails with interest on the house and even set up a showing for the following weekend.

That meant when we got home we had tons to do. Yard, decks, house. We exhausted ourselves, and by Saturday we were as ready as we could be. We had appointments for two showings that day and one the next.

I felt in my heart that the 4:30 Saturday appointment would be our buyers. I felt God had put it on my heart. MUCH prayer (did I already say that?) has gone into the sale of our home over the past three years. We wavered between wanting to sell and wanting to stay. We wanted "the word" from God.

Its hard to describe how clear His voice has been to me at times over the past six months. (I will talk about that in another post) And it has been exhilarating to experience God moving so dramatically as He has in our life through this season of questioning.

While on the road and separated from all his projects at home, Dale has drawn nearer to the Lord, and as a result nearer to me. God has moved his heart toward more giving for the kingdom and toward hearing His voice. He EVEN read most of a book! 

Without dragging out this post, (I will relay more of this story in the future), we did receive a full cash offer on our house (from the 4:30 Saturday showing) and are still waiting for some finalization on plans and the paper work. I am super-excited to share with you the rest of the story~Its AMAZING what God has done in answer to our prayers!!!

My summer plan is to spend time with Dale in Montana (or wherever he is!!!) and travel back here off and on to be with my kids and grandson and to keep things up in the yard until our closing date which will most likely be the end of July sometime. 
My plan for Bittersweet Farm is: 

Closing for the summer on Saturday, June 9th 
and then I plan on 
opening up something somewhere mid September for a fall sale 
(typically the time of the shop's anniversary and Amery Fall Festival).

I will keep you posted. 

For those on my mailing list, look for details on a SALE in the mail soon! 

May you feel the light of the Lord's presence with you today, and may you come to know Him more!


Ladybug said...

Many Blessings in the direction
that Lord will be taken you and
Hubby... Thoughts and Prayers
I love it how the Lord move so
fast when we allow him to be in
total control of our lifes...
God Bless you both... Keep us
posted on the things the Lord is
doing for you...

Hugs Ladybug

Kim said...

I'm so excited for you...and cannot wait to hear the 'rest' of your God continues to unfold it in your life.

God's doing A LOT of stirring.....and I truly believe that as we 'seek' him MUCH prayer....he makes his plan clear for us! (we are earnestly seeking the Lord for our next)

Praying....that God continues to give you favor....and wisdom!

<3 ya,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I had to look back a bit to read the full story of your moving; sounds like God's hands are all over this, but still, it must be painful at times. Letting go and moving on is a tenet of our lives of faith; it's in these time we feel the strain of our earthly existence. I'm reminded again this morning, to keep the tent pegs pliable and to pay attention to the nudges of God. I think he is speaking something in my spirit, and my heart is ready to listen.

Blessings to you, sister, as you walk through these days of change. I wish I could be with you on June 9th at your shop. I'll certainly be with you in spirit.

Be blessed, sweet builder of the kingdom!


Tracy said...

Hi Kathy,
Like Elaine, I had to look back a little too. I had no idea of your upcoming move. I have to agree, it certainly seems this whole thing has been guided by God's loving hands. That must certainly bring much peace amidst the pain of saying Good-bye to a place so dear to your heart. I've been thinking a lot about this lately as I look around my own home. God seems to be ever-so-gently loosening my grasp and I have complete peace this is a good thing. I too am in a place of uncertainty as to where the future will take me. God has used these words and your journey to encourage me today that wherever He takes us, He has gone ahead and sweetly prepared the way. You will be in my prayers...especially June 9th. Looking forward to reading more about this beautiful adventure. Love & blessings...Tracy

Tracy said...
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Joan Davis said...

I did some digging, but finally found this post! The mystery is now solved as I didn't know the "why's" of your moving. It is all coming clear, now! I still haven't found a post on where you're going, except to go on a Montana adventure this summer! (BTW -- I'm loving your Montana pictures on FB!) I am so excited for you! A new beginning in a new place...with God leading the way! Blessings to you, Kathy!

In Him, Joan