Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time to Be Still and Listen

I spent several hours near Belt Creek in Montana a few days past now, and as I prepared to fly home to Wisconsin, my heart longed to stay for this place right here. I was FREE to come and sit, and read, and hear the Lord speak to me...
The water was sheer-clear and so often I see something in nature that makes me want to engage with it in a personal way somehow. I want to see from the top of that mountain! I want to hold that baby lamb! I want to walk in that water! This day I reached my hand in. I wanted to remember how clear it was, and it was cool, refreshing. In touching it, do I engage with it's Creator in a more intimate way? Is that why I have that desire, like the desire to touch a painting?
As I drove away on Friday, I was feeling sad for leaving, not wanting to lose this new place of quiet and peace. It struck me as I was thinking sad, that I have such lovely places right at home! Even closer than Belt Creek to where our camper is, I have the Apple River within a mile of my house. WHY have I not taken time to go and sit? WHY have I not spent more time listening to the sounds of contentment? Birds singing and waters rushing over rocks?

It's the "to-do" and the "must-keep-ups"...and as I consider the simplicity of my 9 Montana in a little place, leaving the bed messy, washing dishes once a day. Eating simply. I wonder at the race I have been running for all of these years...where have the moments gone?
For what? For who? What has been the benefit? (besides my sanity...but why is that so difficult to maintain?) Here I have made a sitting spot in my yard. I have gone there, but not for more than 20 minutes. Ever. In my own yard...and that river, when I run over it-it beckons me, but I never have time to stop (really? why?)
Perhaps today. This day, we can all make some time to cut away from "to-do's" and "have-to's" for a little silence to hear the voice of God, the voice of contentment that sings in His creation. Enjoy your weekend, may you find joy in the stillness and be refreshed!


Jedidja said...

The europian culture is focused on work, work, progress, career, own kingdom etc. There is so little time to rest. Here it is almost summer vacation. I would love to have a simple holiday with the children. With time and attention for each other.
Your photos are so beautiful! I like your bracelets and your nails as well :-)

Take care of yourself. Spend time with God

Alicia said...

Kathy, I want to dip my hand in that river, too. And this line you wrote- it made me catch my breath and pray for a glimpse at my life thru God's eyes- "I wonder at the race I have been running for all of these years...where have the moments gone?" I can't believe how quickly the moments turn to years. And I, too, wonder what really keeps me from savoring the beauty right where I am. I've been working on that so much more lately- my theme word for 2012 is NOW. Thanks for musing aloud so I could think with you and ponder the same things. And by the way, my husband and I went tubing down the Apple River 20 years ago with our young marrieds group from church. We were all giddy college-aged newlyweds. Ahh, the days!

Cherie Hill said...

Hey sister! I have not heard of that book! Putting it on my must read list!!! Wow this was a wonderful post. The pictures are beautiful. I am in a time of transition and watching and waiting where the Lord will lead. I'm holding onto the promise of green pastures and quiet waters. He promised right!?!
Big hugs,

BTW, get a free book over at my blog today . . . one I published for a pastor, JOY, David Young.