Sunday, February 24, 2013

When You Hope For Relief & Instead Hard Gets Harder

I was telling him, "You are making bricks with no straw!" Like Israel when their breakthrough was so near, their deliverance from slavery was just days away...but it felt so far...

After two years on the market and two years on-the-road-working for my husband, in June we had buyers for our farm. We built a relationship with them over the next few months hearing about their dreams for here. Meeting, praying, texting and emailing. They planned to have a retreat center here for families who lost babies. How cool is that? We waited for them to try to acquire non-profit status so they could avoid capital gains on cashing in their 401k. It was such a thrill to us to have our farm, where we raised our family, used for blessing people who were hurting. 

In August he (my guy-D) took a de-motion so he could come home and work...after three years working away from home, we looked forward to 'starting over' and being together full time. Finding a house closer to work for a shorter-than-1.5 hour commute one-way.

He started his job from home August 20 with that commute. {that is our anniversary, that's why I remember} And then...our buyers backed out Labor Day weekend.

Back to square-ONE.

The job here at home has been his hardest ever

With challenges above with architectural messes, and below with men who lacked passion and drive. Daily I heard stories of frustration and I reminded him several times, "Bricks without straw, Honey. Your deliverance is near" 

He is a natural-born, Big-Picture guy. A natural-born {if you know the personality types, D. As in driven, decisive, directive, etc...} Though he was assistant to the Superintendant, he was the one the men came to for answers. He had the skills without the authority. Without the positon. This has happened several times over the years. He has continued to say, "I am just there to do a good job." And he did...he kept integrity. 

After two years of looking for jobs, applying for jobs and looking into getting a degree for a better chance at a new job-but no time to do school, he got an interview last week!. The company looking to hire someone soon for a job that is floundering.

Perfect. D's specialty. Overseeing and orchestrating successful operation of a construction site. But now he would have authority.

While he was in interview #1, he received a message from another company that wants to do a phone interview. Two in ONE DAY???

He is giddy with excitement. After these long years of hope with no rope, he has not one, but TWO interested in him-who-has-no-degree but the school of life experience has taught him well... The phone interview goes well too. Which one would we take???

At Walmart this past Friday afternoon we met on his way home.  He gets a call. We want you. {!!!!!} He came skipping (he REALLY DID!!! And, yes he is going on 50!) down the chip isle like a five year old. ......I kid you not-it was quite the sight!!!

During dinner we discuss it. The job looks perfectly fitting but for one thing: our need to be paying $350. or more for my insurance. That would be a step backward...but he is tempted to take it. I told him to email interview #2 and ask if they are interested since he has this offer. 

In the morning he finds out that they are interested. So he lets #1-job offer know. Friday night another call came in from them (#1), "We want to sweeten your offer." And they offer to add the insurance cost-per-month plus a wee bit of a signing bonus! {Just what we need to catch up from falling behind from the de-motion he took voluntarily}

And true to His promises. God...
Had a plan all along.

We couldn't see it. But {mostly} trusted Him to make it known in His time.

And here we are on the brink of more new adventures. D {is for Dale} will be traveling again, which we have decided over those three years prior, that we love to do...and the next mountain we need moved is the selling of our no-longer-needed little hobby farm. Since he is not here to share the responsibilities of it, and I will be making a few trips out until it sells...we have one more faith-stretching, mountain to be moved.

And we have no doubt God will do it in His perfect timing for His perfect purpose. He is busy making all things ready as we wait and watch for Him knowing He is preparing the next owners of our farm for their next destination!

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