Thursday, October 4, 2007

Prayer Power

The Lord has been teaching me so much about prayer for the past hmmmm...19 years (since He became my Lord) but lately He is answering in such profound ways and so soon after I pray that my soul wells up with halleluiahs. I must proclaim His glorious goodness once again.

Sunday my sis called me with overwhelming circumstances happening in her family, in tears and in need of prayer. I prayed over her and with her, pouring over her the Word of God with the authority of Jesus, and (as reported to me over the next couple of days) the load was lifted, the light dawned and freedom from the oppression that threatens to overwhelm us in difficult circumstances was secured. What a blessing that God causes us to need each other to pray.These experiences not only free us, but they bond us together. They also build our faith-our greatest treasure.

Yesterday, as my husband was finishing a job that has been very trying (he supervised the building of a bank) He was under deadlines for inspections, and had already had a few setbacks, with pressure to finish timely closing in, he called me to pray. He had an hour job on the roof that needed to be done in 5 minutes. They had extra guys, but I know it was our Mighty God that I called upon that made it the next call came, I was informed of the success of the inspection..Ah-hah, Ah-hah. The Lord of hosts moved on our behalf once again.

Cast all your anxiety on Him for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7
Oh, how He cares.
PS...if you only knew how many exclaimation points I had to erase since they are not allowed.

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Denise said...

May you always be sweetly blessed.