Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well, it's past midnight again. My day was spent shopping for the shop, hoping people will keep coming to shop, when the economy has dropped. (my apologies for the Dr. Suess attempt, I couldn't help it-it is after all past midnight) (00ps I already said that!)

The Christmas season is approaching, and it is usually the busiest, with fall taking a close second in decorating enthusiasm. Fall has been considerably slower than last year, and as I have prayed and cautiously treaded forward (& conservatively compared to the past) I feel a certain peace. I also feel compelled to keep the flow going to the degree that I can comfortably accommodate.

I keep picturing the economy as a river, and the reality of the situations we are facing along with the news reports coming in daily keep throwing more logs in the river. As more logs pile in, the current slows. I noticed the flow of my traffic in the shop slowed gradually, but considerably over summer with the gas prices. Now, again, as things eb and flow, so I see eb and flow in the shop.

The things I sell are enhancements to life, not necessities. Sometimes not practical at all. I have begun to shift my thinking as I shop for items for the store. I ventured into hats and mittens today. I found some really beautifully knit hats and mittens with fleece lining that I can sell at a really good price for the quality. Something you might pay $40 for at Gander Mtn, I will be selling for $20. or less. It will be fun to see how that goes.

I have also noticed that with the regular eb and flow of life, there are continuing events taking place...weddings, showers, birthdays. Things consistently coming across our calendars that we purchase gifts for. My prayer is that shoppers stop here on the way to Walmart. Keeping the flow going...

In any case, I put my trust in the Lord, for with the Lord there is Peace, Provision, Protection, and the amazing Precious Love and Promised Presence.

Please keep "the state of our country" in your prayers. Praise God He is always on the throne!
It IS past midnight!! I published my post, checked it out, looked at the title and realized that I never talked about the needs I set out to address. So I decided to stay up a little longer...

I encountered deep needs as I went through my day. One of my reps at the gift show I attend, who has become a dear friend, had some serious bad news while I was there. I prayed and hugged her. Continuing in prayer is all I can do...Then I met another friend on the way home for supper. Her marriage is in trouble. So I prayed and told her what the Lord had done in my marriage. Upon returning home and checking email, I learned of yet another friend in need of refreshment. I prayed and encouraged.

What would we do without the hope we have in Christ for the "working of all things for good for us who love Him?" Our needs are so deep, but His love is deeper. Oh how I love my Jesus! How blessed we are to be able to come to the Refresher of souls, the Rebuilder of marriages, the Restorer of broken things, the Redeemer of life... for His wonderful gifts! Glory!


Tracy said...

Hi Kathy,
Thanks so much for stopping by. So nice to "meet" you. = ) I am indeed reading the One Year Bible. I really love it. This is the first time I've read through the entire Bible in one year. It is amazing that even when I'm behind a day or two, the scripture is often relevant to that particular day.

I took a whirlwind tour of your blog. Looks like a place I want to visit often! Praying for God's provision for your business, and also for your friends and their needs.


Robin said...

Amen and amen! I pray your shop does well during these difficult days. I have a feeling your customers get more than just a good buy when they shop with you - I'm guessing they get some love and some prayer as well!

A Stone Gatherer said...

There are people all around us who need to be uplifted! How blessed you were to have your eyes opened to these opportunities to minister to others!

Kathryn said...

How blessed we are to be able to come to the Refresher of souls, the Rebuilder of marriages, the Restorer of broken things, the Redeemer of life... for His wonderful gifts!

Kathy, I loved your ending to this post! How perfect that, as you detailed some delightful gift ideas within the body of your writing, you summarized and beautifully tied it all together by focusing on His incomparable gifts!

Thanks, too, for your thoughtful comment on "The Great Depression". Your point of view helps so much to flesh out the post!

Debbie said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

It was good that you took the time to encourage those who needed it, for there is a shortage of encouragers but no shortage of those in need of encouragement! Blessed are you in being faithful to help those in need.

Yes, we do need to uphold this country in PRAYER... God has put that on my heart lately too.
May God bless ya!!