Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More on God's Love

In my quest for more of God's love, I picked up a book by Bob Sorge called: "The fire of God's Love". What depth of insight into scripture this man has.

I am learning there are three "levels" of relationship with the Lord. Mr. Sorge uses the passage in 1 Jn 2:12-14 to highlight the levels. He also uses Matt 13:8 and John 15:13-15.

The first level being that of a little child. A new believer is a child.
The second level being that of a servant. The "young man" is a servant.
The third level being that of a friend. The "fathers" are friends.

He says the determining factor of where one is in their maturity is fruitfulness.

A child is not very productive; is being nourished... 30 fold produce. He has small tasks.
A young man is a servant with greater productivity.... 60 fold produce. He labors in the vinyard.
A father is bearing much fruit for the kingdom... 100 fold produce. He is a partner with God.

Here are a few observations I have gleaned from his dialog about servants/friends:

Servants focus on results; friends on pleasing the Lord.
Servants serve out of a desire to be faithful; friends serve out of a desire to love.
Servants are willing to work for the Lord; friends want to be with Him.
Servants operate in the idea of what could be; friends operate in confidence of what will be.
Servants go home after work, friends sit down to eat with the Lord.

So long as we keep plugged into the vine, we will go on to bear much spiritual fruit. We are always becoming...all He intends for us to be. Halleluiah!


HisFireFly said...

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Susan said...

Hey Kathy,

So nice to meet you! What an awesome post.

I just love Bob Sorge, his testimony and music has so encouraged me over the years.

My favorite book by him is The Fire of Delayed Answers! Incredible.

Anyhow, I'll be back!!

Starr said...

Oh, A friend is what I desire to be to Him. I want to know Him and be with Him more than anything else in the world. What a beautifully written post!
Love and Blessings,