Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Life Filled With Majors

I have been a bit overwhelmed the past few weeks. I get silent instead of talking it out, which isn't healthy...I have learned that from experience. Not only do we have a wedding in our yard in a month, but in the midst of planning, my dear husband and I had a day away (sometime in May) and during our time together we talked of selling our home.

Yes, we have a wedding coming up, but we can work around that.

Never imagined life with two major events going on at the same time. On top of which my D.H. has been working out of town for 8 weeks, and Ethan will be a senior this year so we have to do the college visit thing...

Nor did I imagine that I would have a bad cold in the summer combined with poison ivy on most of one half of my face, and on a finger...But... THAT was my life the last week or more. The FOR SALE sign went up, I had all those things, and we are down to the 5 week mark for the wedding.

I am finding that even after all the careful planning in the beginning, there is so much more that I "shelfed" while working on the yard (is shelfed a word?)...This final phase is invitations, planning the order of the day, the service, getting final clothing things together...fittings, shopping, calling, decision, photos, showers, etc. Then there is the layout of the reception, decorations finalized, rsvp's to collect and count, I wont tell you how many lists I have. Too many!

In the midst of it all, there is the place of quiet peace where I can go and "cast all my anxieties" remembering who owns the day...all the days...all my days... Why should I worry? Why should I fear (missing or forgetting something)? I have a God who "leads me with His right hand" and leads me where He wants me to be.

Ah, there is always that quiet place of rest.

Psalm 139:10 even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.


Warren Baldwin said...

Sounds like you have several stressful things going on. I started gardening again last year - digging in the dirt and planting some of God's good vegetables slows me down and calms my nerves. But, anywhere we can withdraw from the world and commune with God is a cherished place of rest. Good post.

Joyful said...

Well, I thought I might even see a picture of that beautiful oasis you have in your sure would be my place of quiet rest. :)

Kathy, how I wish I lived closer and could offer my hand. My greatest joy comes from helping others. From a distance my help comes in the form of prayer. I know the Lord will guide each day as you surrender it to Him and trust His leading. I'm sure these next few weeks will fly by. Remember to keep pausing and enjoying and cherishing the moment.

Isaiah 26:3, God will keep in perfect peace Kathy, whose mind is steadfast, because she trusts in You.

Love, prayers and hugs,
PS. Glad you're still enjoying the CD. Ethan must be the same age as our son. We're doing the college/university visit thing for next year as well.

B His Girl said...

Yesterday our sermon was about rest, sitting at the feet of Jesus. He does have you covered. It sounds like new things are on the horizon for you. Expect good things in the busyness of the day!

Rachel B said...

Yes, Kathy, if we can only remember who we can go to for rest and direction! Thanks for sharing.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Wow, this hand verse went perfectly with the post you commented on. :) Love it when God does that.

I'm sorry you are feeling the crunch this summer. Man, you've had it coming on all angles. I pray that God will bless you with strength and energy to finish the tasks at hand.

May you rest in the shelter of the Almighty.

I'd help you if I were closer. That's what sisters in the Lord are for, right?



A Stone Gatherer said...

Find that special place and just breathe! Cast all your cares on Him!

Julie said...

I was just wondering how long until the wedding. We're at the 7 week mark... I'm feeling quite calm, actually and I'm wondering why. Should I be doing something else? Have I forgotten something????
Most of the invitations are addressed... just waiting on the printing (they designed their own as my future son-in-law is a graphics designer).... Have my dress bought, shoes bought.. sons & husband have been fitted for the tuxes.. One shower down, the next one next Sunday... My mom's helping with table arrangements... I keep wondering if I've missed something....

It's all so surreal.. I can't believe one of my children is moving on for good... to start their own life. Another moved across country a couple of months back. I'm now down to 3. It feels SO weird!

How does this happen so quickly????

Hope your hanging in there!