Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Blessings at WOF St Paul, MN 2009

Two days ago, I received an invitation via facebook from a customer I met in my
shop to go to Women of Faith. There was an extra ticket. I have not been able to go to the confrence since the year before I opened my shop (2003) since it always comes to our area in the fall and fall is usually my busy season.

As you would guess, the shop has slowed along with the economy over the past year. I have made adjustments in my inventory purchases, and advertising budget, etc. The Lord is graciously keeping things moving in a way that I can continue. I am grateful for that...and having a slower economy has a few having the freedom to go to the confrence!

Kayla was able to work in the shop for me, so I joined Wendy and her daycare provider, Jen. I only know Wendy from her times in the shop, and I had never met Jen, so I was excited to spend time making new girlfriends!

I have to say that Friday night's highlight for me was...not a woman, but Steven Curtis Chapman!! With his beautiful testimony of God carrying them through their loss, he brought tears to my eyes with his songs...Cinderella, and the new one about Heaven... It will bless your heart.

Saturday morning, I picked up Jen, since she is on my way to Wendy's. When we arrived, we found out Wendy's baby was running a fever, and she wasn't going. So Jen and I set out on our own. As usual, God was up to merging the lives of His was delightful to get to know her.

God had two other blessings for me today. My neice entered Teen Challenge back in May. She is only allowed a few visitors on Saturday between 11-2pm. I have only been able to get away from the shop one day to visit. So imagine bumping in to her today. I was three rows down from the main level of the arena, and during break, went up to get a the top of the steps, my heart leapt as I saw her! I called her name, and we hugged big!! What a wonderful, joyful surprise. To think that in an arena of over 12,000 women, I would see her there! ONLY GOD!!

Besides all the inspiration of the day with Nicole C. Mullen and her dancers, the WOF worship team, Sheila Walsh, Lisa Harper, Lisa Welchel, and Rita Renfroe, and Marilyn Meberg...I was able to see one of my all time favorites, Susie Larson at the local radio station booth. What a gracious woman of God. She looked up and recognized me (from facebook!) and ran out to embrace me! We chatted a bit about life, I shared a story about a friend of mine...she grabbed my hands and prayed with me for her. Check out her blog and get one of her books! Her heart if full of wisdom; you will feast on rich spiritual meat. My favorite so far is "The Uncommon Woman".

Woah God. He wowz me!


Rachel B said...


Rejoicing with you that you were able to go to Women of Faith!! Oh, it sounds just wonderfully uplifting! :)

And how cool that Susie Larson recognized you from Facebook! She's the "real deal" and I can only imagine what a blessing it was to connect with her. God is so good to us!

Thanks for sharing.

Joyful said...

Kathy!!! Did you happen to see my FB status on Thursday? Susie Larson had a giveway on her site, and I won her latest book, "Embracing Your Freedom". Can't wait to receive it and read it.

Sounds like you had a wonderful couple of days. The Lord certainly gave you many moments of great joy. Only God :)


B His Girl said...

This was a blessing! I am so glad you were able to go. I can imagine how powerful Steven Curtis Chapman's testimony was.

Lynn Cowell said...

What an amazing time! As a speaker myself, I love to hear the testimony of others when they go to an event. (Most of the time the speaker never gets to hear about the great things God did!) I am so glad you were blessed!
I love the flowers on your blog! They remind me of my own in my backyard, which I just finally cut down on Saturday. Your pictures also remind me of my home state of Iowa.
I hope you will stop back by my blog again! I love your smile in your FaceBook pic! I am at Lynn Martin Cowell.
Have a super week!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh Kathy~
I'm so thrilled you were able to attend.

The line up sounded WONDERFUL....and I was blessed to hear Susie Larson the beginning of Oct at our state wide Women's Ministry event. (And...she lives a few blocks from me and is ONE amazing gal!!!)

Been thinking about you...and praying for you too!