Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Defender

I had a pillow in my shop for sale (several actually) that said, "Don't choose to be right, choose to be happy!"

It received a great deal of attention and lots of laughter. One time I had two sisters sneak it behind my desk so they could give it to their other sister for Christmas. They were a bundle of excited sister-energy! (and I dare-say the recipient of the gift was the oldest sister!)

We laugh because we can relate to the saying on the pillow. How about you?

As a young person, I remember spending time "having fights in my head". Telling other people what I thought. In my head, because in person I was a chicken. These fights in my head helped me to gain ground in my self-worth, as I would reason through justifying myself. I wanted to know that I was right. RIGHT? right.

As a new Christian, I would come home from Bible study telling my husband what someone said that made me feel inferior or put-in-my-place (their words said I'm 'not right'). My husband would reason aloud for my benefit about how "they were no better". His comments would restore my sense of self-worth. Right~ness.

I have found that, (bear with me here if you are under 40!) though your eyesight starts to fade and you begin to forget things more often than you want to admit, there are certain freedoms you gain as you walk along. Freedom from old insecurities and freedom from the restrictive place of having to defend yourself! Freedom from having to be...right! I love that! 

Time walking with Jesus has taught me to let Him be my defender. I don't need to defend myself in my head or go to my husband or girlfriend to find my worth. I can run to the Rock, to My Defender. 

Proverbs 23:10, 11
Do not move an ancient boundary stone 
   or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, 
for their Defender is strong; 
   he will take up their case against you

The Lord who has made you and I, has established our worth in His creation of us and in His redemption of us. (His cross) He has established the boundary stone around our new identity in Him. When people offer "insight" into our identity that doesn't jive with the truth of who we are in Him, we can come back to the place of rest. 

Romans 10:4 
Christ is the end of the law so that there may 
be righteousness for everyone who believes.

Run to Him for your comfort and defense. He has rescued our self-worth because of our adoption! He has redeemed us from not being right

Next time you feel boxed and labeled, or you fall victim to some form of rejection, just remember the Lord stands over you singing! 

"Who's your Daddy?" HE's your Defender! 

to ward off attack from; guard against assault or injury(usually followed by from  or against ): The sentry defendedthe gate against sudden attack.
to maintain by argument, evidence, etc.; uphold: She defended her claim successfully.
to contest (a legal charge, claim, etc.).
Law to serve as attorney for (a defendant): He hasdefended some of the most notorious criminals.
to support (an argument, theoryetc.) in the face of criticism; prove the validity of (a dissertation, thesis, or thelike) by answering arguments and questions put by acommittee of specialists.
to attempt to retain (a championship title, position, etc.), as in a competition against a challenger.

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Karen said...

Oh Kathy,, what a true post.. we were actually just talking about that in bible study this morning,, How we would worry or stress over such things when we were younger,,but after your forties..the thing that we thought back then would of been "deal breakers" or "the end of the world" for us,,in the big skeme of things , just arent that important,,what people think about me used to be huge,,but now,,I dont try quite so hard to please EVERYONE.. and focus more on pleasing God and let him work out the rest..
Have a great weekend my friend.. great post as usuall.