Friday, March 11, 2011

A Scarlet Rope

I wasn't sure if I should call this post "A Scarlet Rope"or "My Jesus Friends Fruit" because I want to talk about the scarlet rope that ties blood-bought children of God together for fruitfulness.

I LOVE God's girls! I do!!! My favorite "sport" is women's conferences, yes, they rev me up like a Cheesehead at a Packer game!!! I want to connect with as many women as possible. So, I keep my eyes open and my ears tuned to the Lord (and sometimes things just happen by chance Divine Design) and eventually there it is, a glimpse of the beauty of the tapestry that the Lord is stitching.

One of my new friends gave me the idea of the Scarlet Rope when,after asking me to encourage a friend of hers who was experiencing some of what I had experienced with depression, she said, "Through the blood of Jesus, even strangers are friends."

I love that! And it made me think of Rahab's scarlet rope that she extended from her window to be saved from the impending destruction of Jerico. Her rope tied her to God's people! That same rope is what ties us Jesus-friends together and knits our lives into a beautiful tapestry! (Maybe it is a tapestry of a fruit bowl!)

I have been pleading with the Lord to make my life fruitful. That I would not squander my days, my talents, or my time. He has enabled me to cross paths with many women who I have been able to minister to with the gift of encouragement that He has placed in me for His Body. 

But something profound struck me today. 

One of the most fruitful (heaven-rewarded) things I can do is to pray. If I pray for my husband and children, then their fruit becomes part mine. If I pray for my friends who have speaking ministries, then their fruit is part mine. If I pray for the authors as they write, then the fruit God bears through their writing I have a share of. When I pray for my Pastor, my friend's families, the ministries of the church, the missionaries around the world, those who are sick but holding out for a victory.... Think about it! 

Without the covering of prayer, we are weak at best. With a prayer covering we have power, protection, passion, and victory. If we participate in other's ministries, we participate in one another's fruitfulness! 

Suddenly, my boarders have expanded! The Scarlet Rope is extended further and further into the world. It binds us together in His love. Don't you love that?

I will drive out nations before you and enlarge your territory, and no one will covet your land when you go up three times each year to appear before the LORD your God. Exodus 34:24


Warren Baldwin said...

Very creative!

My dad's church put a bowl of read glass beads on the communion table. People were invited to take one or several to carry with them as a reminder of His blood.

Anything to keep us thinking right!

Rachel Beran said...

What a great post, Kathy! I love the idea of the scarlet rope.

Jess said...

LOVE this post!
Love the illustration and reminder.
And so glad we 'met' along the way, so we too could be 'tied together' in Christ. ♥

Anonymous said...

Yes! I do love that and I love that we are connected. xo

Tammi said...

Oh, Kathy! I've been in Exodus 33 and 34 this week..just "soaking it all up" like "a biscuit and gravy." And here, the Lord led me to stop by, even at the "late hour." Yet it's right on time! For He's been telling me one thing too: "The effectual, fervant prayer of a righteous man or woman availeth MUCH!" Thank you for confirming this, by His Holy Spirit's leading!

Angie Knight said...

Kathy! What a great post! I love the thought of us being tied together as His love and blood cleanses us from all sin! As the blood passes by each heart--we grab on and are therefore and forever connected! AS we keep our faith and trust IN HIM. WE MUST keep our lives in HIS life--as HE is the vine--we are the branches...of that scarlet rope...

Heather said...

This is really special and very true! I love how that scarlet rope ties us together if we haven't met. You have encouraged ME many times, Kathy and I appreciate you! And thank you for inspiring us to cover others with prayer because, I agree, we are weak without it!

Love, Heather

Kristy K said...

I love this idea... I've never considered this. As a stay at home mom, sometimes all I can do is pray and I feel so ineffective because of that. Thanks for this new way of thinking... that even when I'm just praying, I'm being fruitful through others.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful illustration that truly encouraged my heart this morning. Thank you for your encouraging words that led me here - I am delighted to be 'knit together' with you.

Joan Davis said...

What a great picture of connection...and you are so right! One of the most fruitful things we can do is pray...and to pray for the ministries of others!

Blessings, Joan

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, I do love this! Sharing in the fruitfulness of others via our prayers. This is a beautiful visual, Kathy. I greatly appreciate your sharing it with me.


Joyful said...

Ah...the scarlet rope. I am so thankful the Lord allowed that rope to include me in your circle of friends.

My favourite "sport" is women's conferences as well. :)

Thank you for your prayers for me. I just know God is working in ways we cannot see.
Blessings and love,

Anonymous said... thinking of it that way.. the Scarlet Rope. that is pretty cool!

Kristy K said...

Kathy, I think you responded to my comment, but when I clicked on the notification, it was somehow deleted. Just wanted to let you now that I saw it :).

God's servant (mom/grandma) said...

Thank You Kathleen, your word has blessed me so. God has made you an inspiration, I remember how I prayed for you and then ministered to you and with great joy saw God save you.
I was on a shelf for a time, it seemed like forever and now my daughter you have ministered to me. I guess that makes us a part of each other. I love the anointing that rests on you, God Speaks through you, I am so blessed