Friday, July 1, 2011

My Top Books

The following books have moved me to make changes in my life, see things from God's perspective, embrace the hard things (though that is a fight~always) and understand the power of the spoken Word of God which has changed many things in my life and in the lives of those I pray for.

Greater Health God's Way ~Stormie O'Martain
Gave me life-long food boundaries, motivation to exercise regularly, keep short accounts with God, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, fresh air and sunshine...Though I haven't followed the principles perfectly, I am grateful now 19 years later for the treasures I gleaned from this read. 

The Uncommon Woman ~Susie Larson
I cannot say enough about Susie getting down to the wire on the issues and battles we face as women. Exposing the lies, making declarations, and committing to live the uncommon (Spirit-led) life.

The Confident Woman (knowing who you are in Christ) ~Anabel Gillham
I have been through this book three times. Once leading a study which is most beneficial. It is an essential book for renewing our minds, understanding REALLY who we are in Christ and what His love looks like. Another book on living in the Spirit.

Dealing with the Rejection and Praise of Man ~Bob Sorge
Who hasn't felt rejected...but Bob helped me see the VALUE, and the company of God's people who have endured rejection. God works ALL for good, and the painful rejection of man drives us to the place close to His heart where we rely on His unfailing love, and understand that He is all we need. It also helps take our expectations off of people and live to love more freely.

Prayers That Avail Much ~Germaine Copeland
This is not only a victory manual, but a training manual for prayer. Practicing it over the years enables me to intercede more effectively and powerfully. ~The Spoken WORD~

The following are my inspiration when I am tempted to feel sorry for myself or feel that things are too hard.

Hudson Taylor committed to eat only potatos for a period of time leading up to going to China. His vision carried him through many heartaches and trials, and God used him mightily!
Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret ~Howard Taylor

I cannot begin to tell you how glorious God is in this book, you have to read it for yourself...
The Heavenly Man ~Brother Yun

This one too. We in America have no idea of the depth of spiritual darkness that is in other lands. This book shows the power of Jesus' light overcoming the darkness and the power of His Spirit to enable men to lay down their lives and let Him live through them.
Lords of the Earth ~Don Richardson

I was only supposed to list five, but couldn't narrow it down...Other authors that have inspired me and fed me are Francis Frangipane, Francine Rivers, Staci Eldridge, and Stormie O'Martian's prayer series for husbands and parents (prayers for my children).

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Great list. I have only read one of these books-Greater Health God's Way ~Stormie O'Martain

Looks like I have a few more books to add to my 'must read' list. But that's OK...because I love to read!

Thanks for linking up with me. It has been so fun to see everyone's lists. xo

Jennifer @ said...

This looks like a winning list, Kathy.

Have a blessed weekend. xoxo

tiffany @ tea w tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing your reads. I love getting friend's perspectives on books. I love to read. Hope you are enjoying summer. hugs from Colorado,