Friday, July 15, 2011

This Life Is Like A Dot On A Million Mile String...............

...if I could help you see...but who am I? 

One who needs the Light of Jesus to show the way.

It's narrow. It's steep. He went there. I will go too.

Better to go with nothing than to miss the way.

On the other side. That is where the glory is. 
I will wait for it.

Here is dirt. And weeds. 
Temporary trappings. 
Things that age, and corrode, and fall apart.

There is eternity. 
Live for then. 
This stuff will end. What good will come of it?

If I live for pleasure on earth, 
I may miss the treasure of heaven. 

The one who made the mountains, the rivers, 
the flowers and the people. 
He will be there.

What more could one need? Or want? 
Just the Maker of all things good 
and right and beautiful. 
That is all 
{Could one ever describe what ALL is?} 

We experience the Glory here.

But There~No darkness. No fungus. 
No sickness. No fear. No devil. No evil. 
No wrinkles. No rust. No lies. No pain. 
No death. No brokeness. No hindrances. No weeds. 
No drought. No poverty. No storms. No lack. 
No lonliness. No rejection. No famine. 

None of the ills that we know here. None. 
Not even politics. 
Just one Good, Wise King!

All is grace and glory with Him.

People I love have died.
Yet, they live on forever. 
I will die. You will die.
What matters is the forever.
After this then what?

With Jesus. Faith's goal. 

This life on earth is like a dot 
on a million mile string.................................

I will walk by faith, for what I see is so very small 
compared to what I cannot see.
The God who said, "let there be, and there was."

He is readying Heaven. I can only imagine...


tiffany @ tea w tiffany said...

Love this. :) I can't see much more than a dot but I love knowing it's soo much more than that. Eternity awaits. A perfect place where perfect love lives.


Denise J. Hughes said...

Beautiful words.

"He is readying heaven." I love this.