Friday, August 19, 2011

Home and Happy

I received a call late on Monday night, my brother's daughter Rita had fallen from their hayloft and was being airlifted to the Twin Cities because they may have to do surgery on her brain. Would I please put her on our church's prayer chain?

My brother's facebook status: 
On Monday our daughter Rita Rose fell and hit her head, she was air lifted to Minneapolis where she underwent surgery to remove the blood buildup from inside her skull. I'm happy to report that all seems well at this time and the blood came from the fractured skull and not the brain. God is good!

God has answered several prayers for my family over the past year. A year ago my dad had an artery nearly totally blocked. He had been prayed over a day before, and on our prayer chains after being diagnosed and prepped for surgery. He was, two days later, out of the hospital riding an ATV.  

Then one day late winter this year, my mom's heart had been racing for an hour, I happened to call her on my way home from a Moms In Touch prayer time for Ethan and his college, and I prayed with her over the phone. She was frightened. As I prayed for her, she suddenly said, "It stopped!". 

"Really? It stopped? It's done?" My voice revealed shock {sorry Lord!}. 

"Yes, it stopped!!" 

We started singing together on the phone: "He is Mighty to Save". God moved through prayer again and it was an "auto-response" to overwhelming thanksgiving.

Rita had to have an incision to drain the blood-swelling from her head that night as we prayed. 

My brother's facebook status yesterday:
Rita is coming home. No PE, playground, sports or recess until January at least. All things she loves, this is going to be tough on her! But thank God she will eventually be 100%!

My brother's words off of facebook today:
"My Rita my Rita, I'm so very happy to have her, home, healthy, and healing! her perpetual smile back home where it belongs!"

I have a feeling that God says that very same thing when we turn to Jesus, and He wipes away our tears, heals our heart and receives us home where we belong!


Anonymous said...

Rita, I am so blessed to read this post! :-)

Rachel Beran said...

I LOVE hearing (reading) praise reports! God is so great and greatly to be praised!!

Laura said...

I am so glad for Rita! What an amazing recovery. I'm sure I don't have to say that this is quite the miracle. We have a big, big, God, don't we? Giving thanks with your for Rita's recovery and for the other beautiful gifts you mention here.

Ladybug said...

Awesome ... the Lord is so Good
Rejoring with you and your family

Warm Blessings /
Pray with Boldness .. :-)

Carol Apple said...

Love stories of answered prayer. So happy for your niece (and her parents!). May God use her months of recovery for a good purpose. Thanks for the encouragement!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

The power of prayer... a privileged gift to all believers!