Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tell It ~ Dispel It

When you find fear choking your heart, when the dark cloud of foreboding hangs heavy overhead, how do you break free? When we are people of faith, exhorted to trust Perfect Love ~1 John 4:18~, and we find the familiar fear-feeling gripping us instead of the peace we are abundantly given ~John 14:27~ how DO we access that peace?

I have had my share of run-ins with, and run-overs by fear. It has crippled me. It has held me back. It has stolen from me. Fear strangles out joy, peace, and light. Fear is darkness. 

"Fear is the darkroom where Satan develops your negatives" ~Francis Frangipane

Understanding that fear is a negative, something related to darkness, it stands to reason that exposing it to the light ~2 Corinthians 4:6~ would  be a good first step in overcoming it. So often I have hidden my fears; kept them to myself, and in doing so have given them power. 

It is humbling to admit fear, but just in the act of telling it, it loses power. Then usually that someone that you trust can give you greater light from a "higher" view, a different perspective, and encourage you. En. Courage. Give you courage. Strengthen your faith. Better still, pray for you and remind you of the truth. That God is bigger, stronger, and loves to bring you good. Reminding you that God is God and He loves you. ~Romans 8:28~

We need that sometimes. Reminders. Peter ~2 Peter 1:12-15~ gives what I call "extreme expression" to the value of reminding and remembering. Because he knows that sometimes... we forget. 

So be free in expressing your fears to a trusted friend and you will find faith coming to light on the other side. 

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Karen said...

Kathy... I spent so many years in fear..and not completely healed from it still..but it has gotten better.. Keep praying girl.. but weither you are healed from it or not,it is something that God will use for good, some how..Im not saying to just to accept it..but to learn how to use it to glorify God..and it sounds like you are doing just that... Great to talk to ya again my friend..

Melanie said...

True friendships in which you can share who you really are...such a blessing from God.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, so true. Exposing the fear, telling the truth is the first step toward healing and God's perfect peace. There have been many times in the middle of the night when fear has gripped my heart... something about those nighttime desperations that keep us bound up, yes? Speaking the name of Jesus and focusing on him always gets me centered back where I need to be--trusting God.

I suppose I'll spend the rest of my life dispelling all the lies of the enemy. Thankful for God's light to guide the way.