Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bearing Burdens Not My Own

When we Jesus-followers are really about the other side of that unseen threshold, but the cares of this life seem to suffocate because they keep pressing in... when there is a continual flow of imposing concerns, and when worries invade my living, it seems before I can take and "shake the first out" the next is thrusting it's weight on my already-heavy heart and I groan under the load.

{Lord, my friends are pressed...}

Will I look up and recall the Mighty Power of the Living God who longs to show compassion?The One who has healing power in His Hands? The One who continues to add to the constellations and call them by name? Who knows even my name and the number of hairs on my head?

When knowledge of the Lord and His promises are attained, and stored, and when it comes time to need that knowledge, will I tap into it ? Will it transpose to wisdom and consolation for me? Or will I forget what I know and act on what I feel? How can I live in the light of what I know when I need it?

But by the grace of God go I...
& I get by with a little help from my friends,
and from their prayers...

Remember now the Love, Faithfulness and Power of God for those who believe but sometimes have doubts in our belief because of continual waves crashing into our shore...
You are LOVED by God. He will NOT let you down. 
And please remind me of this when I need it. :)

If you would like prayer for something, please leave me a comment and I will pray for you. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, I needed this reminder today, Kathy. Thank you.

Tikva said...

Kathy, I have been longing for a mentor for a long time now as well. I think that bloggers who have followers need to start speaking out on it :c) I am so thankful to have found a calling to type up Bible studies from my Nana who was a Pastor's wife and women's teacher. She spent hours and hours each day in prayer, Bible study and praise. She has BOXES of typed studies she has done and I am working on my first folder of them. They are on a blog here I am learning so much, but as you pointed out on Susie's blog, you can't ask questions or get encouragement - but maybe soon, we will find women we can reach out to for encouragement.