Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Familiar Rut

Prone to bear weights of responsibility and prone to fear failing at just about everything. Prone, but not always living in that rut in the road...I find myself stuck there still from time to time. Usually the times are full of "to-do's" and deadlines.

I found myself in such a rut a day or two ago. It seems that as I traveled along the past two weeks or so, the jagged groove in the road got deeper, but I didn't recognize it for what it was because it was gradual (and did I mention I am prone to it?). I should recognize the rugged ridges of the rut when I begin to feel weary, and when the familiar fear of dropping {failing} one of the things on my "to-do" list bears on my mind.

The surest warning sign should be the absence of joy and the pressure of duty upon my heart. Jesus doesn't lead one there. (Matthew 11:28)

The Bible calls it "leaning on my own understanding" (Proverbs 3:5-6). The rut is the hard, stuck place I find myself in when I have been once again living in my own strength, independent of God. I forget to "acknowledge Him in all my ways" so that He is directing my path {thus keeping me out of the rut}.

I took a "time-out" on Thursday night to watch Princess Diaries with my friend Holly and two of her sweet offspring. Afterward, when the two went to bed, we sat on her couch and talked about our dreams, and difficulties and Jesus and His never-failing grace. 

She had wonderful reports of sweet ways that Jesus had spoken into her life and affirmed her in her new worship-dance ministry called Karar {Karar is a Hebrew word for dance} where she is  teaching people to express worship to God through movement. {It's lovely by the way!} 

Jesus spoke through her husband, through a friend, and through His word. I rejoiced with her and a longing was sparked in my own soul. 

On my way home, I told Jesus I needed desperately to hear from Him. I needed a cup of His living water for my weary soul. I acknowledged that I had worked my way into the rut once again and I needed Him to deliver me out. To remind me that this life I live is not mine to live any longer. (Galatians 2:20). True to His ever-faithfulness, His Spirit spoke to me of the lesson I have learned over and over and over again...such great patience He has for me! 

He invited me to sit awhile by the well with Him. (Psalm 23:2-3) He said to me, "walk free, Kathy. Remember live from my love, it casts out fear" (Galatians 5:1, 13-14; 1 John 4:18)

Sometimes we just need a "time-out" with a friend...


Melanie said...

Amen. I love the kind of friendship that leaves you refreshed.

Rachel Beran said...

Good, Kathy!!

Edie said...

Oh Kathy I think God had you write this just for me. You have no idea how this touched me. Thank you friend. ♥

Karen said...

Boy Kathy.. how true..I am always searching for balance,, walking the road less traveled in order to not dig myself into a rut.but it is human nature to walk the repeated path, and before we know it..pow...there it
thanks for the wonderful reminder of time outs with friends and fellowship,,which is a lot of times Gods way of talking through them to us...
Great post.. have a blessed day

Melanie Saccomanno said...

thankful for the new found friend here in you.. I love the familiar rut, where I call "I'm Not getting stuck " to my perpetual head...

so thanks for the sharing.. and being so real,
I pray we'll stay in that freedom as we hold each other's hands and keep it real..

thankful for the giver of this site.. no black fridays blues for us we we stay in the light..

may we lead others to His feet regardless of the day. taking the time to enjoy a friend (new and old.)and never being too busy not live from the heart..