Tuesday, July 24, 2012

God is Romantic~HE IS!!!

After all, who created ROMANCE? The definition of 'romantic' I am referring to is fifth in the dictionary.com description: displaying or expressing love or strong affection.

In this season, my life of intermittent living...between my 'real life' in Wisconsin, with it's work and challenges of moving and closing my shop-as-I've-known-it (as well as 'life-as-I've-known-it') and my 'romantic' life in Montana, with little responsibility, much wonder and beauty and leisure-like-I've-never-known-it!!!

...I can only wonder, NO, MARVEL at the love of God. He is romancing me here in Montana!

When I drive back 'home' to Belt, MT, a short 25 minute drive from Great Falls, the sky...it is sooooo blue, and the mountain ridges a darker hue of blue which my camera does not capture, much to my frustration...

And then there is this past-Sunday-trip through Glacier National Park which has {this photo of} St. Mary Lake at it's East entrance. Who has ever seen such wonder, such color, such majestic glory? Okay, many I realize! But I wonder, did they KNOW that God was ROMANCING them???

The CREATOR of YOU and ME LOVES us so much He gives us these stunning displays of His glory, He actually gives us UNDESERVED FAVOR in EVERY SINGLE BLESSING!

Whether it is the birth of a child {wonder-of-wonders}. Eyes that see!!! {The eye is so intricate and has the ability to capture what NO camera can!!!} Ears that hear the sound of rushing waters, birds, words, music...legs that move, a body that functions, a roof over our heads, ...all are GOD's gifts.

~All are GOD romancing YOU and ME!!!~

I wonder if the driver of THIS CAR that I captured on the top of Going-to-the-Sun Highway knows how much God LOVES them whose transportation reflects sunshine? {Or do they love their car more than the One who gives good gifts to men? And, if I had that car would I be willing to give it if He asked me to? Would my heart pass that test of loving the Giver more than the GIFT?} James 1:17
My past holds moments of darkness, despair and loneliness...and all the while, there was this romance. This LOVE of our FATHER in HEAVEN drawing (John 6:44), wooing, and {finally with this~often~ slow-of-heart woman} winning me and I am so thankful He is tenacious in His pursuit, and passionate in His love. 

The cross shows me, but I am slow-of-heart to get it. The Cross where Jesus hung-innocent, but crucified, HE who was UNDESERVING of WRATH endured it...would buy me back! Me, DESERVING of WRATH

While I was still a sinner, He died for me. (Romans 5:8) Not when I was all cleaned-up. But while I was gross. Ugly. Selfish. UNBELIEVING. He died for me so we could have this romance. He and I. He is LOVE. 

Love is going all the way for its desire, a RELATIONSHIP. {How far will I go for a relationship?} Luke 15:4

The CROSS. I go there often. It's where I receive forgiveness again. Because I mess up. I fail. (1 John 1:9)...I go there daily actualy. To receive grace again, and forgiveness, and healing.

Grace is unmerited favor. Giving ME what I do not deserve. This beauty, this wonder, this love. May I be a grateful recipient by giving my whole self to His heart and His service. There is NO OTHER worthy response.

How have you been romanced by the Lover of your Soul?


Sherri said...

Beautiful post with beautiful pictures!!

Jedidja said...

I like your amazing blog! And ... I have never seen mountains. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

During a difficult time in my life, as I stood worshipping our Lord, my eyes closed, I had a vision. My Savior, Jesus, clothed in a white robe, danced with me. There was such incredible joy. Peace as I've never known. No words spoken but I knew I was safe. One of the greatest moments with my Lord.