Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Avoid Crashing into the Wall of Weariness this Advent Season

How many days have I walked, no trudged through without realizing the sacredness of the moments? Without realizing the value of the service I render to God in serving my serving my church serving my community or my circle of many have you trudged through weary? I recently read an interview by Lanier Ivester on the book: REAL LOVE FOR REAL LIFE by ANDI ASHWORTH.

"When our imaginations are captured by the idea of creating good stories in the lives of the people we’ve been given to love, a world of possibility opens up. It must be said that a lot of caregiving work is tedious, repetitive, and wearying. Washing endless loads of laundry, a thousand trips to the grocery store, cleaning up after children, all the bits and pieces required to care for a spouse or friend who’s battling illness. But if we can keep in mind the bigger story we’re creating, it goes a long way in bringing meaning to the details." ~Andi Ashworth

After this holiday-­past of giving thanks, and on the cusp of the holiday-­next; the one where we celebrate our God emptying himself and coming for us in the form of a helpless babe. The God-­‐man born in a stable because there was no room in the inn...

I assume the David-­family reunion turned away a young cousin on the verge of giving birth because she was not married. Perhaps they didn’t want their party interrupted by a relative in need...Rejected by family, Joseph and Mary made their way to the barn. {and somehow I think I know that feeling...}

I pause for a re-­gathering of what is true. Pause before entering what tends to be 'the fray' of Christmas prep; the fray of the endless 'to-­‐do' list with more bullet points than any other season of the year. The baking and shopping, decorating, and mopping... and in this life we have been given, every moment is precious. And still every year it seems, I come face to face and often have a run-­in with that wall of weariness that threatens to undo me.

That moment I must stop, breathe deep, look up and God reminds me, it's not me but He who lives in me that carries out the work. Without Him I can do nothing, but through Him I can do all things. John 15:5 {Remind me to remember!} I've tried numerous times to do it without Him. Those are the times I crash. I feel anxious, frazzled and every little molehill becomes a looming mountain. And is that what Christmas is??

Every day with the things we face that seem beyond our ability to complete, we have grace; the undeserved presence of Immanuel, God-with-us who gives us strength.

Faith. Its the connection of my "I can't" to "but my God will". I cannot raise these children to be healthy, thoughtful, caring, kind, generous citizens that will bless the world in which they live. But with faith, God will enable me. Or the baking, shopping, wrapping and mopping...

Faith. I think it's like that plug on my coffee maker. When it is plugged into the outlet, I get coffee when I hit the "on" button. If I hit the button with the plug lying on the counter, I have water, ground coffee, and my Keurig, but nothing for that best part of waking up. {Really my Bible is the best part, but coffee is a close second!}

Grace is the electricity for the plug-­‐in on my coffee maker. {No electricity, no coffee}

Grace. The power of God to do the things we feelare incapable of doing. And when we realize; when we remember that day we understood that life isn't just a big "me-party"... The day we opened the stable of our heart to receive the babe, He came in to live inside (grace). And then when He came in, He transformed the stinky stable of our heart into His Holy temple... we remember we have the power of Heaven to live this wonderful life through us. And every moment is sacred; every act of service is an act of worship unto the Prince of Peace. 

May you remember that Prince of Peace lives in you as you make your way through this advent season, and keep your daily dates with Jesus (& enjoy a little java too)! 


Jedidja said...

Nice blog. Thinking of december weeks, the Advent Season may tire you, I recognize that. But with God's help it all will succeed.

Here in the Netherlands people are down to earth and not everyone makes a big feast of Christmas. Here we celebrate Sinterklaas on 5december and there are many gifts for purchased. With Christmas we give each other no gifts. Sometimes eating together. home cosiness.

I am glad and thankful for you spiritual words. They help me.

Alicia said...

Love this reminder to stay connected during the season that celebrates HIM, but distracts us from His heart. Your wisdom is like a hot cup of java for this mom's soul :) Blessings, friend.

Joyful said...

Thanks for directing me over here Kathy! Yes, so in-line with my FB status...and sadly my overall status right now. A wonderful reminder. I place so many expectations on myself over the Christmas season, and I need to learn to let them go. Easier said than done.

Needing to let the Prince of Peace rule in my heart and mind.
Blessings to you my sweet friend,