Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Friends...are a gift from above. Can you hear the song? If you are a Petra fan you'll know it...I love Petra, I love the depth and scriptural truth in their songs.

Well, Petra isn't what I was writing about (rabbit trail) I was just praising God for the women He has put in my life. The variety of people and different connections for different needs. He has gifted us each differently for building the one another up.

We have been adding on to our church. We are in the finishing stages, which is where my part comes in. I have been called on for color selection, lighting, knobs for doors and cabinets, etc. We have a pretty small congregation and I was ending up alone on alot of these decisions, when the Lord sent a friend who enthusiastically said "I'd love to help" and I jumped (for joy). What fun it has been to brainstorm together.

Yesterday we spent a few hours together. First we had lunch and then we went and added stripes to our new youth room. We have an orange wall, & a turquois wall on each end of the large room and the long wall facing the door is a warm tan on the top and a sepia color on the bottom. We added a turquois stripe at chair rail level, and then an orange stripe a ways below that (with a couple of inches of sepia in between) It was so fun to get to know each other better and accomplish such a fun project at the same time. We have lots more to do, and are looking forward to it.

Friends...isn't it heartwarming when you phone a friend, and you hear "I have been thinking of you today and praying for you." What a blast of love. Or how about recieving cards? Or when one seeks you out of a crowd of people with enthusiasm? All of these things point me toward our Friend who sticks closer than a brother. (Prov. 18:34) My friends give me a glimpse of His love. Then knowing His is perfect, beyond human ability...I stand in Awe!!

Lord, Please make me to be a friend like you. To enthusiastically and lavishly love those you have given to me. To magnify your love to others. Make me a light. Make me more like you.

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Angie said...

What a great post! I LOVE LOVE LOVE brainstorming with buddies! Sometimes it's more storm than brain when we get hung up drinking coffee at Barnes & Noble! But it is great fun!
It seems you have building projects out the wazoo! Bless you for all your labors!
The shoulder of a friend is a precious thing to have.