Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lavish Love

Today I found myself wondering at the awesome love of God. As I was thinking of this love, I recalled how when someone I love falls, and they feel remorse for it, I have such compassion for them it overwhelms me and my heart almost softens more toward them than it was before they fell. I also realize just how much I love them.

Then I thought about the Prodigal story and the party the father he must have longed for his son to return to what was best for all the days he was gone. That longing we all have for our loved ones to be in the place of safety-in the arms of their Heavenly Father. How his heart must have leapt when he spotted him coming home on the road. I picture him looking daily more than once a day with an agonizing longing..."return to me my son. I want to you to come home."

And then, "It doesn't matter where you have been, you are home-halleluiah" The father not only threw a party but got out His best. Lavish love. No better way to describe it...lavish. How much, how often I need this assurance and the forgiveness that the Lord has poured out. Daily, the blood of the Lamb washes me white as snow. When I fail to keep my eyes on Jesus, my trust falters, and then I realize it with the resulting anxiety, I cry out, "Forgive me again please, Lord" and there it is. Healing, cleansing, forgiving, restoring power through our Savior. I can't help but worship, adore, and praise Him.

Wont you sing "Amazing Grace" with me?

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Angie said...

I have felt compelled to be over here all day I know why. Sometimes I visit my favorites on my sidebar randomly...but today I clicked on you and had to leave my computer at I didn't get to read ....but here it is 11:03 P.M. now I know why the Lord prompted me here....Amazing Grace and lavish love....absolutely. Yes, I will sing.
God bless you!