Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday's ponderings...

It was a crazy morning-all because I hit the snooze too many times. When I do that, it seems to have a domino effect on the following engagements...

I have a few girls over on Tuesday morning at 8:00. When they arrived I was filling the dishwasher...(I cut into our time...domino).When we started meeting about a year ago we did a Bible study together. Lately though, we have been praising God and lifting our burdens in prayer. One of the girls has only 45 mn. So we cover her first (unless I am spewing out my list of little annoyances :( from my hectic morning...domino), then we continue to give updates on our joys and struggles and go into prayer. God has answered us with victories in many areas over the last year and we are in awe of His grace, love and power.

Our favorite study is called "The Confident Woman..knowing who you are in Christ" by Annabelle Gilham. It is a very life changing study. Helpful in solidifying your identity in Christ and growing your marriage.We discussed going through it again this morning because it blessed us so much and we want a review.

Then two of us proceed to Moms in Touch meeting with a few other moms for our junior high and high school students and teachers. There too, we have seen God do amazing things in answer to our prayers. Two years ago we saw drug busts in our community, and knew that it was a result of our asking God to expose the dealers, and to hinder the sales of drugs in our community. We have seen children soften and open up their hearts to the Lord. We know that there are many more things that we don't see, but are being accomplished because we are praying.

This morning it was 6 degrees, and the sun was shining brightly. The fresh snow was squeaky underfoot as we went out to the car. I was 7 mn late. (we had to skip listening to the song of the day which I enjoy so much...domino) We focused on God as Creator. We read Psalm 104 which magnifies His majestic Hand in Creation and we were more in awe of our Lord. We praised Him and rejoiced in His goodness to us. We went through our time of confession, then thanks and finally intercession for our children, teachers and schools. As we lift one another's children to the Lord, He knits us together in a tighter bond.

I had a lunch date after that with my friend. This stopped the domino effect-you can't be late to lunch if you are together:-p Over lunch we continued to rejoice in all God is doing in our lives. What a privelege to share life together in the Lord! I left there to continue in my errands and then rushed home to add wood to the furnace. On my way home I was experiencing a fresh sense of wonder at the Lord and His nearness in creation, and in friendships.

Got home and added wood. The fire was almost out and the house was at 63 degrees. So I filled it up, folded a couple of loads of laundry (yes I DID have a basket unfolded and one still in the dryer-but I DIDN'T iron) After that I started supper. I think it was a 9lb chicken I put in the oven. She's a biggie, we raise them, they are better than any chicken ever. I called a friend while I was working on cleaning and cutting potatos. Then I listened to a Becky Tirabassi CD that I have from a confrence on having a burning heart-wow. I want more of the Spirit on my life.

Before supper Ethan (my son) and I met my husb. @ church to unload tile for the new addition. Then we came home and ate and watched a movie together. Laughed alot and now they are all in bed and I am here. Sweet life.

Father, thank you for all you have given us and all you have revealed to us of yourself in creation. Thank you for the rich experience of friendship. Thank you for the chickadees and cardinals that eat at our feeder, they are such magnificent manifestations of your creativity and it is theraputic to watch them feed and flutter. Thank you for keeping us warm in winter. For being our all in all!

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