Friday, March 14, 2008

My Baby

Oh, Lord, help my baby!! He is going to get his license on the 25th. Already tonight, he cannot sleep. I think he's been counting the days since he was 14 years old...asking me if I could get the law changed so he could get it early! Heavens, I am not ready to have him get it now! That means my BABY will be independent...I know, he will still need money, and...advice (if he is being the submissive boy that we have raised him to be :-) But, we are entering a new phase of life.

He is already learning some lessons. When my brother died a couple of years ago, he had a truck he wanted to fix up. My dad gave it to Ethan, as he is mechanically inclined and he and his dad work on stuff all the time. Ethan finally got the truck done and it sold last night (he wouldn't be caught driving a FORD-he's a Chevy man) Now he is on a quest with his money for the right car and trying to figure out how to buy a car and have enough money for gas for the remainder of the school year, as he has chosen to do track and doesn't have time to get a job.

This morning his dad reminded him he had to tithe and as his mind did the math, I think he got a little discouraged. I reminded him (like any good mother would :p) that God loves a cheerful giver and He is provider. Of course I got "I know, mom". I prayed for him and then he left for school. Then I prayed for him some more. I was thinking of the process of growing that we have to do and the new beginnings he is embarking on in his walk with the Lord. The testings and trials that the Lord uses to refine us. And I prayed some more. I am so glad that Jesus is so good and powerful and patient. That I can trust Him so completely. Oh Lord, bless my baby!!

Help him to know and rely on the Love you have for him. Thank you


A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh, I don't look forward to that time either! Yikes!!! But one thing I do know God is in control, not me! It's a second by second reminder that I need sometimes! My children are His, not mine! Praying for you in this new phase!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Oh what a sweet guy you have though. You've done a great job so far!