Monday, March 3, 2008

Past Midnight

Okay, so I am into tomorrow already. I found music somehow. Blogworld is amazing. I just go on these journeys and land on "how to" and ta-da! I have music! Feel free to pause it, or click on a different song. Really, I could have been at this all night it was so fun to find songs I like. I was glad they even had some oldies. Check out The Coloring Song by Petra. It was songs like this in my beginnings with the Lord that bring me back to that first love time...rekindling. Kind of like if you and your hubby had "a song...our song" back in the day. If you hear the song, the feelings come back somehow.

Well, I had my "heart transplant" (Ezekiel 11:19)back in January 1989 when I was pregnant with my first baby. We grew up together, her and I. When she was crawling I was crawling (in the Spirit) too. When she was stumbling in learning to walk, I was too. When she was trying to be independant at the age of 2, I found I still had alot of that urge as well...And oooh the teen years. Turbulance, insecurity. Unfortunately, I had a teen spell too in my journey in the Lord. It is amazing what you come out of the teen years with though. Alot of pain, but oh so much gain for the way. Wisdom, understanding...of our need, our weakness, others' effects on us, etc. We couldn't jump over that area of life could we? Our God is so wise. So good.

I am so thankful for Jesus rescuing me from the dominion of darkness and transfering me into the kingdom of Light. New life. Eternal life. If you have time to listen, go over to the playlist and listen to "Deep Enough to Dream" by Chris Rice. Let the lyrics transport you to the eternal. The wonder of Heaven. Seeing and touching His loving and gentle, sweet face. Oh, what will it be like?
I just thought of another song I will have to go back and add to the list by Mercy Me..."I Can Only Imagine"... Will I dance? Or be so weak in the knees that I will fall at His feet?

Halleluiah!! This world is not my home, I am just passing through...For now though, I better pass on to bed:)


A Stone Gatherer said...

It's in those time that we wrestle that we grow too! In my readings in Acts, I'm amazed at all the opposition, but yet all the growth of the gospel! satan does not want us to grow and will put so much in our way! We just need to give it a good kick and continue with Christ! Great analogy!

Kathy S. said...

Amen, Stone gatherer! Amen!!
There's not a victory without a fight (song by Michael English)
Faith doesn't grow without it having to strain against the impossible...When we're up against the sea...look UP!