Friday, April 25, 2008

Authority Shelters

One of my very dear friends who is a Pastor's wife told me the following little story. As we know, most Pastors and thier families are scrutinized and criticized more than most-as people watch them closely. So I imagine there is always the threat of criticism hanging over them. That was on the back of my mind when she told me that because of today's fashions, she will ask her husband to approve or disapprove what she wears, and if he okays it, then no matter what anyone says, she can be confident that it is okay.

To me that seemed so profound an example of the shelter of authority that God gives. I have another friend who keeps her life in balance (saying no to things freely) because her husband restricts her. My husband is really liberal with my time. He is very easy going and I am thankful for that. At times I think I would be tempted to feel rebellious in her shoes, but she is very content.

Just this last Sunday, I was on Worship Team @ church. One of the songs was a guys/girls round..."I will worsip (I will worship)..." I happened to be the only one to show up that was a girl, so I was leading the girls part ALL BY MYSELF (yikes!) When the song got started, it got started off key (or something???) and it was all wrong. I had to echo the "wrong" all the while trying to think of how it was sudposed to go. I just couldn't think of the right way while doing it wrong!! I ended up following as it was being sung. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the congregation!! I thought that after it got started that if everyone started singing it right, we would get back on track. Well, that happened at the chorus, we ended up singing the rest of the song the right way. The strange part for me was I felt no embarassment afterward (and I am prone to analyzing myself if I goof and feeling totally humiliated) I just knew it was another lesson from the Lord on following leadership and the responsibility that is on the one in charge. (and the freedom for the one following)

Lord, thank you for little funny lessons in truth that confirm the principles you have established. You are Awesome!!!

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Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

thanks for stopping by and sharing your situation with the loved one... Everyday I am learning and trying my best to be obedient. thank you for the conifrmation!! I so appreciate hezaing from you - even if it is off key. hee hee Just joking!!!

love, Leigh