Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cosmo & Purity

Darkness & Light.
Foolishness & Wisdom.
Lies & Truth.
Hell & Heaven.

Yes, all are OPPOSITES. I could hardly bring myself to put the two words together in the title!

We are doing a series with our youth on sexual purity and Biblical dating. It is something we should be addressing on a regular basis. I volunteered to take the girls when we separate them for teaching. Our first one took place last night and was entitled "What You Take In". I was asked to get hold of a Cosmo magazine and teen magazines to look into the content...for greater understanding of the battle.

When I was looking at the cover of the magazine, my heart was so grieved, I felt nauseated. I decided I could not spend $5 on a magazine with such disturbing headlines on the cover. As always God honors our commitment to stay true to Him. I mentioned my dilemma to my Bible study girls, and it so happened that one of them had received a copy in the mail for no apparent reason, so she gave it to me. Yay God!

Ladies, the magazine's mission can only be for making money! Why else would they encourage women to become pieces of meat? THEY LITERALLY DO! They hold nothing back in making girls out to be "prey" and men to be animals! It was actually stated in an article in the March '09 issue entitled, "The New Attitude That Drives Men Wild". It was a half page article that ended in encouraging girls not to hold back too long or the guy would leave. ARGHHHH! I thought, "Who is this author and what does she think she is doing?" Does she know that one day she will have to give an account to God for what she has written! Lord, have mercy on her!!

Molly Fahner, if you read this, please know that God will forgive you for this if you repent! You are being used to bring girls into sin and deep places of pain and grief! Stop! Turn around and go the other way!! Before it is too late! I pray you will come to know the dignity that God designed for you and it is never too late to be restored. If you are living a lifestyle like what you are encouraging with your writing, no doubt your heart is hurting~you are deeply wounded. Jesus can heal it! He can and He will. Just ask Him and His other girls! Open arms await the repentant heart...

The battle for the souls of young girls and boys is increasing strength with the availability of picture texts and internet access on their phones. Believe it or not, middle school girls are involved in taking inappropriate photos of themselves to send through their phones. Boys caught looking @ p*rn. Mama's!! Be alert! Watch what is going on! Even if you are a homeschool mom, please be aware of the needs of the peers of your children~the cultural perversion. The behavior of their peers affects their future. We must be in prayer for our country & our youth.

God created girls with a deep desire to be cherished and beautiful. He means for them to be fulfilled within the boundaries He has given us in His word. The allurements of the culture only bring us into deeper despair. What our culture encourages is outside the safety of the laws of God who created us! The results being depression, cutting, suicide, anxiety, alcoholism, anger, violence, drug use and abuse, etc.

Oh that people would know the Love of God, the goodness of God, who gave His Word for our well~being. To find refuge, fulfillment and love in His arms!

Where is the fulfillment we long for? Jesus.

Where is the Joy, Peace, Love? Jesus.

Our fulfillment is in His love, and care, and the very life He gave for us to be restored to Him.

One man + One woman = One beautiful plan! Follow the instructions in The Book, and you will find fulfillment The Creator's way!!


ServinGsus said...

I'm so glad you are willing to teach the young girls about the wisdom, beauty, and honor of purity! I really enjoyed your blog and am glad to have stumbled across it in my browsing; I'll certainly be back.

A Stone Gatherer said...

This is so important Kathy!!! I have read the book "5 conversations I must have with my daughter" by Vicky Courtney. It is such a good book on how to discuss these issues with our precious daughters. I used part of it in preparing my sweet little 4th grade girls on Wednesday night! It is so sad and scary to thing they are being exposed younger and younger to the lies of satan!

Angie said...

Oh sista I STAND with you in this! It makes me want to puke when I see the mess at the check-out counters! AND our girls think THAT is the way they are supposed to be! (Well---praise GOD not all of the girls) I think of all the ones that came in and out of the health department many years ago when I worked with the school system...all after one that they could give away the precious one thing that could never be given away again....

Makes my heart so sad.

GOD will hold these individuals accountable for EVERY word they write...for every soul that clings to those words as if they give life...


Girl---YOU have really written something that needs to get OUT THERE! A great post!

Love you and have a GREAT weekend!!!

Remember---I'm just a phone call away! (Had to do 2 weddings on a TIGHT budget :) (that's what happens when you have 2 girls ;)

Melanie said...

Checking out at the grocery store is an eye-opener! I teach h.s. and see first hand the effects of sexual abuse, loneliness, and the desire for affection ~ especially among the girls.

'So glad you are teaching truth to the women of tomorrow.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks, Kathy, for checking in, and yes, you are right. Purity is a fight we must be willing to sink our teeth into if our sons and daughters are going to have any understanding of what God is after in our hearts and lives. It means doing the hard thing sometimes.

I applaud your willingness to get involved. Keep to it, friend. You are sowing good seed.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Kathy, this is SO true! Our young girls need to hear the truth from the Word and not the lies from the media! God bless you for taking the time to teach them! I fear for our teens and young people! We have gradually let bad things creep into our lives and sometimes don't even realize how much!

God bless!


Angie said...

Just checkin in on you! Snowed under??? Let me know you're okay!

Got new snow pics??? RAined in??

I'm trying not to worry.