Thursday, March 12, 2009

Women Judging Women

Last weekend when I met Lysa's friend Holly, I mentioned to her a comment "to commit" that I had made on Lysa's post about us ladies judging each other...She asked me "what did you write?" I felt a little ashamed that I could not remember.

When I wrote it, I felt inspired by the Lord and wrote what was in my heart about the topic. I truly mean it. But I had to go back and copy what I had written in my journal in order to go over it and remind myself. I decided to post it here because I will be accountable, and also I feel it is God's heart for His girls. Let's practice lovin' on each other with sweet words, but also forgiveness when we have been hurt! Forgiving ourselves when we accidentally hurt others...

Kathy S. said...

Lysa, this is a great call to test ourselves. We are all in the same camp as women. We have all said things we regret, and had things said about us that sting. Fortunately God uses those times to refine us and make us more Christlike.

As iron sharpens iron...

I commit, with the help of the Holy Spirit living in me to being a blessing with my heart and mouth, and to give *grace *grace *grace to those who judge me. I commit to believe the best about everyone, and see the potential God has in making changes in my heart and everyone Else's'.

I also commit to not give power over women who are judging me or others by allowing their words to shred my heart or enter my heart, and deter me from walking in the truth of who I am and who others are in Christ. (this one is hard!)

I also commit to not label anyone "judgemental" if they judge, because Jesus is still workin on them, and I cannot judge His servant. Some of us lean on the side of grace (that part is easier for them to see and accept) and others lean on the side of obedience (that is easier for them than receiving grace) but God is the author and perfecter of us all.

Amen, and by the grace of God go I.


~Trina~ said...

Thanks. Much needed words for me at this time.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Very good thoughts today. I came here from reading your comment today on Lysa's blog. We also get the Voice of the Martyrs magazine each month and it truly does put a different perspective to our lives here in the United States! I teach a ladies Sunday school class and have several times taken the magazine and read a story to them about persecuted Christians in other countries.

May God bless you!


Melanie Dorsey said...

This is very good and so important - extending grace!

Angie said...

Oh girl---I LIKE that! Strong words! POWER in them...and He places POWER within us all! As we concentrate on HIM and not the things said...

LOVE you!

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Julie said...

Hey Kathy,
I would be happy for you to print my devotional (at the Cafe) to read to your youth girls.

Thank you for asking before doing so. I appreciate that very much as I'm not sure what God will do with what I write, therefore I do copyright it.

I am glad the article ministered!


Shonda said...

Kathy I read that post. But your comment to commit is journal worthy. I concur with all your words here! I also commit to this call to not judge others.
Love & blessings in Christ our Lord-

Edie said...

Oh this is so good Kathy. God has been working on improvement on me in this area of giving more grace.

I'm one of those that lean on the side of obedience. So much sometimes that I have to catch myself so as not to lean too far.

I'm also one who notices all the details. So I can appear more critical than I ever intend to be.

So I'm looking for and working with God on standing on that middle ground.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

This was a blog entry that I read several times. It was such a word of truth.

Thanks for your insight.


A Stone Gatherer said...

I saw myself in alot of what your wrote Kathy. Praying that you and I will be obedient in how God desires us to act toward our follow Christians and those we meet.

lisasmith said...

I just wrote "I commit." But, I do commit to all of that.

I think the hardest for me is categorizing women or stereotyping them. Sounds shallow and trite but doesn't all sin? I want to see women of all types and backgrounds for who they are...beautifully made in His image. I want to be one who carries others to who they are in Christ NOT inhibits that in any way.

Thanks for sharing.

God's servant (mom/grandma) said...

Oh Bless You Kathy, If we can just live with our mind stayed on His inspirations Abiding in Him. Your words are a delight to my heart.
And I really needed it at the time of this reading. Causing reactions because I corrected my young son ,in a very gentle way , I might add, caused such pain in my heart. I just know Jesus already died for the pain. What a wonderful God. When my children protect the evil it hurts. Now when my daughter speaks the Lords heart, It brings healing and joy. Thank you Love Mother