Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parenting After Empty Nest?

I ate two meals with College Boy today.
We talked about goal setting and list making.
Watching adult children be...adult children is interesting.
To say the least.
When your children leave the nest you get a chance to observe.
What things they have gleaned from home.
And what they HAVE NOT. (yet)
When I entered said College Boy's room to get him a shirt tonight,
I thought to myself,
"he is going to be an engineer and does not know
how to close a dresser drawer." ~hmmmm

Back to "list making"...
I have observed College Boy has become used to staying
up until wee hours of the morning and then sleeeeeeeeeeping in
until. late.
Mom of College Boy thinks to herself,
"It's not good for boy to be lazy. He needs to make goals."
Mom makes goals and writes them down.
Dad makes goals and verbalizes them to Mom.
College Boy needs to learn to make goals so he prioritizes time
and makes wise decisions.
He says, "It was New Year, Mom."
Yes....it was, but now you have one week left of vacation.
What will you do with it?
So a list he makes and worked on it all day.
Mom thinks College Boy is feeling quite satisfied!
(So is College Boy's mom!)


Kristi said...

I smiled all the way through this post. This will be our family at this time next year. And while my heart aches at the very thought of our daughter going off to college, I am also excited about all of the wonderful adventures she and the Lord will face together. Thank you for your visit to my blog today. Blessings to you and your family this new year!

Maria I. Morgan said...

I know the feeling, Kathy! My daughter is a freshman in college and it's amazing to observe the changes (good and bad) that have come about as a result of leaving the 'nest.' Fortunately, she belongs to the Lord and I know He has plans for her! I'm so thankful He's in control!!

Glad to read that your son saw the wisdom in getting organized!! God bless!

Kathleen said...


Thanks for dropping by the blog! I was also Kathy for a long time and then switched back to Kathleen. So...I go by both.

Loved this post. I am preparing for that time coming up. We talk all the time about the dance of teaching, training, and the LETTING GO. It is tough, but God is so faithful.

Happy New Year!