Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Look Back

I've been inspired by my new blogging, & tweeting friend, JoAnne in Australia. As I read her overview of her blogging year, I was enabled to get to know her better...So allow me to introduce a (very) short version of my year 2010...

January: 2010 started off writing about my new role  as Women's Ministries leader in our church. In 2008, the Lord took me to She Speaks on faith. I had no idea what for at the time; speaking, or ministry...but I went with Him and attended workshops on a little bit of everything. Guess what? Since then I have done a little bit of everything! Who knew? LOL

February: Found me pondering the past and learning from it. I put up a lengthy post of my former pit, as well as a post stemming from my deep desire for balance in Christendom...

March: I HAD to do a little more reminiscing of our daughter, Kayla's wedding from 9/4/09 before sharing about the coming changes in our lives...Empty nest and grand parenting!

April: I was deep in preparation mode for the coming graduation party and the upcoming strain on my heart (ie: letting go!).

May: I posted out of my grief over the disunity and self-protection I see among professing Christians when we engage in arguments, name-calling and finger-pointing.

June: Because I spend so much time in the yard, I learn much about God, truth and life there.

July:  Garden meditations continue...on walking with Jesus...and then a spiritual check-up for my "eyegates".

August: More marriage meditations. (AND we dropped Ethan off at college the same weekend that my husband's grandmother died, but I didn't post about it..)

September: I was busy with preparations for the Anniversary event and Harvest Open House in my little gift shop, Bittersweet Farm.  I posted on Bittersweet, the plant and the name. I also was asked to speak at a "Single Mom's Spa Day" and discovered that I need to feel more free to share my story...because it is really HIStory!

October: In the midst of the busy season of BECOMING A GRANDMA, gift shop ownership, and Women's ministry events, I joined a Thanksgiving meme in gratitude for my Dad's successful surgery, and the simple pleasures in my life.

November:  Our Pastor started preaching through the book of Jude for "such a time as this"...for I found the Lord calling me to Contend for the faith.

December: Early in the month our Women's Ministry hosted a Christmas Cafe outreach with my bloggy friend Heather Cox speaking. Then later, I found the Christmas story took on new significance with a grandson sleeping next to us in church.

And THAT'S my year in a nutshell!!!...May the Lord bless and prosper your New Year!
Livin' in Love,


Karen said...

Hi Kathy.. so good to speak with you again.. and congrats on your new grandson.. I got one for Christmas this year too.. he was born Dec 3rd..
We are looking forward to a miracle filled 2011, and I wish that for you and your family as well.. I hope we can become new blogging buddies...I will add your blog to my list so i can see when you had new post..
Well Bless you and your family , and I will be back to visit again real soon..

Robin said...

I enjoyed your "look back". God is so faithful. I'm so thankful our paths crossed back at She Speaks - I hope they get to cross again someday!

Tammi said...

I'm thankful the Lord has allowed our paths to cross too! Each season in our lives brings new life and growth, pruning, sowing and reaping, even death---but our Lord is the Master Vinedresser, and He's tending us gently, with a purpose in mind---to bring forth much more fruit and receive all the glory from our lives! :) Happy New Year!