Saturday, December 29, 2012

Au revoir 2012

For the past three days I've been reviewing 2012 via my three journals. It really takes my breath away!

I would never have imagined in a million years that because of my husband's job taking him to Florida for five months and then Montana for three, I would have six round trip flights. All but one were ten-day trips. And then two one-way flights so I could drive home with him to Wisconsin. All within nine months of 2012. Would you believe that I had my very first ever flight in 2003! {I am perhaps making up for lost time?}

We visited relatives in Kentucky, we met new friends from Missouri, saw old Presidents in South Dakota...and survived a tire blow-out on our car-hauler the busy interstate. My cousin drove us up Bear Tooth Pass from Red Lodge, MT  {I was forced to face down my fear of rolling off the edge of a mountain on the switchbacks!} And... I'm quite sure we experienced angels pushing us up the mountains when our truck was over-heating in North Carolina!

I also never imagined riding my bike on ocean beaches in the winter or in the Montana mountains in the summer. And today as I have been back to life-as-usual (mostly) since the end of August, it is hard to comprehend that it all really happened...

I never imagined either, that I would find myself on live radio sitting next to one of my favorite people, Susie Larson talking about being a recovering Pharisee. (with my friends Tami, Lauren and Bridgett)

Or on Live radio a second time praying with my friend Tami on Praise FM on the National Day of Prayer.

Then there is the wild and crazy story of selling our farm and dealing with the let-down of our buyers backing out five months later. And that right after announcing the closing of my little gift shop.

{Now. Who am I and what am I doing??? Though I know that I am not what I do...I still found my identity had wrapped itself up in my career as a gift-shop owner.} I am still working on closing my shop... and finding contentment in waiting on God to direct my steps.

After three years of my husband living away from home for work, he's been back at home since mid-August. That has been an adjustment!!!...him calling me at 4:30 asking me where I was and I was out 'doing my thing' as I had been free to do for those three years...and making meals? Oh that's right! We had to re-merge our lives.

 Who would have known that by years end we would be blessed with another grandson!?!
And a future daughter-in-love with an end-of-year engagement?
Today I was reading a blog about having a five-year-plan. I laughed a little thinking of how I could never have planned our 2012. Not in a million years. I do like the idea of a five year plan. I sent the link to hubby. I said, "We should do this separate and then come together and see how we converge." It will be fun to dream about what God might be up to in our lives in 2013 and beyond. {And our farm is still for sale...}

These are just highlights. There were also many challenges woven through our 2012 story. Challenges that had me reeling...
Our son and his girl were involved in a high-speed chase by drug dealers who believed he was someone else with the same car who owed money for drugs. The car was stolen from the driveway when they finally landed and jumped out. I got a call after the event while they were still waiting for the police...I waited at home alone. Wondering. Praying. The story was a nightmare. I prayed A LOT. The car was recovered two days later. Two of the three criminals were apprehended. Our families....and my heart is intact. Praise God!

There have been financial challenges, relational challenges and health challenges in the lives of my closest friends and relatives. And God has been faithful to answer my prayers, though I still wait on Him for some of the answers, I am confident that I will see His hand and beauty in every story. He is so very good!

It's true, it is true: God has a wild imagination. What a journey its been to walk with Him in 2012!!!

Are you recapping your year? Please leave a link so I can hear what God has been up to in your life!

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A recap of my year? Well, no, I haven't thought about this until reading your post. Mercy, it wouldn't be nearly as wild as yours, I'm certain. I do think there is some merit in putting some words to it all and in thinking about the year ahead. There are many things weighing on my heart as of late, many uncertainties as well. Of this, however, I am certain... no matter the twists and turns of my tomorrows, I know that God's faithfulness will rise to meet me at every turn.

Blessings, sister, as you make these final steps of 2012. You are precious.