Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow Covering the Lifeless Grey and Beauty After the Fall

There is a certain quietness about a snowfall. A call to slow down. 

As I drove into town today to get some blue painter's tape for my girlfriend who
is teaching worship dance classes in our church, (while she awaits her facility)
I heard a song.
The song said Jesus washes our sins white as snow.
As I pass by rows of white, snow-covered pines, and brown branches 
heavy with their new shimmery-white accumulation,
the lyrics are like sunbeams, and my soul understands. 
The covering of the radiant snow on the bleak grey and brown left after the fall.
 fresh white life after barren death
...after the fall...
grey and brown and lifeless limbs
 and then new life!!!
...then resurrection-delight from this glorious glittery fresh showfall...
he washes me white as snow
He resurrects my heart after the fall.

Since dancing on carpet is a bit problematic, my friend purchased
4x8 sheets of thin hardboard and lays them on the carpet using blue painter's tape to
secure the edges. Every week she does this on Tuesdays so her students have a
 smooth surface to practice on.
It is a beautiful expression of her love for Jesus, 
her willingness to move forward in faith in her dream to 
magnify God with her art. 
Even though conditions are not ideal.
Whatever it takes, whatever God opens for her, she walks through and offers herself. 
She does the work with joy, and blesses the socks right off of those little girls.
And right  into ballet slippers every Tuesday afternoon. 
And instructs them that their bodies are gifts from God to be given back to Him.
For He has given this gift of new life after the fall.

The gift of Christmas is 
the freedom to cease from our striving
and allow the Prince of Peace to rule in our hearts.
He washes us white as snow.
And then we shine! 
Let every heart prepare Him room.
Let every sin be covered by His blood, that we become white as snow...

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