Monday, June 30, 2008

Joy Abundant!

The day started early as I anticipated the call from my sweet friend. She was coming early for our weekly girl talk/ praise and prayer time. Time flies so fast when we are together. We made sure to leave a half hour to pray and once again found ourselves looking at the clock and rushing to our next appointments.

My next stop was my semi-anual brunch with a friend, our birthdays being Nov and May, it works out fab for us to catch up. Today we did discuss doing quarterly meetings since we went into "overtime"! We had pancakes with apples and cinnamon. They were soaked in maple syrup. Good to the last bite, er, last bite we could fit in. Two cakes and we couldn't do it! But our conversation was unstoppable.

We met at 10 and left at 1:30. I think we stood outside over an hour. Our connection goes way back when our family moved to this town and she had an ad at the public library for homeschoolers. The first time I called her our conversation was unstoppable. We've been hitting it hard ever since. Though I only homeschooled for five years, we have managed to maintain our connection.

I got home and thought "where do I start?" How could I top the first half a day with satisfying conversation and time to pray? Ahh, I hadn't really had my time with Jesus and the day was beautiful, sunny, beckoning. Yes, I do still own a two piece, but I only put it on when no one is around. I dusted off the lounge chair and went and laid in the sun and soaked up truth from the love letter of God. I have been behind in my one year Bible since going out of town, so I was able to catch up. As I was covering my family in prayer, I drifted off...

Sunnyside up! Fortunately, I didn't burn, just a little color. It was a wonderful little retreat.
Blessed and grateful!

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Angie said...

Glad you didn't burn! What a great fellowship time you had with your friend! I know that time does escape quickly~aahhmmmm...can I have one of those pancakes??
Love you bunches!