Sunday, June 15, 2008

Teen Challenge

It has become a Father's Day tradition at our church to have Teen Challenge come and sing for the past four years. If you are not familiar with the ministry, it was started by David Wilkerson after the events of "The Cross and the Switchblade". Our Lord Jesus uses this ministry to rubuild lives that are broken beyond what most of us would ever imagine.

So they come and testify and sing. It is so moving, I cried rivers of tears. Especially since one of the beautiful girls is a best friend's daughter. We have prayed faithfully for a year and a half for her deliverance. She entered the program in January, and has made wonderful strides week by week. She was broken and is being rebuilt. ONLY JESUS can do that!! Perhaps I can share more in the future with her permission.

One man is in, not for drug use, but for beating his wife. She was in attendance and he cried when he thanked God for her staying with him. It was very profound to see this man publicly apologizing to her and humbly giving thanks to God for restoration. There is such beauty in people being transparent about their weaknesses and thanking God for what only He can do.

The statistics are amazing. We were told that daily Teen Challenge (Minneapolis office) recieves on average 45 calls for application. Minnesota alone has over 400 in the program with 3 campuses. Imagine, this is their 50th year anniversary. There are over 1000 Teen Challenge ministries worldwide. The miracles God has done accumulatively over the years through this program must be staggering. What wondrous love!!

Please pray for the program and if you ever know anyone in need, refer them to Teen Challenge.

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