Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Returning home

Upon returning to the airport @ 1:10am, and having her sister wake up to get her and offer her hospitality (bed & breakfast upon waking)

she sleeps @ 3am, she gets up @ 7...she visits (her parents and sisters before driving home). She shops (groceries on the way). She texts (her son to see when he comes home from work). She cleans (they didn't do too bad!) She prays (with a friend in need) She waters (over dry plants). She sweeps, she weeds, she unpacks, she visits her husband, she praises in the middle of all of it, and all the while is waiting for her quiet time alone with Jesus...ahh

The confrence was jam packed full of amazing stories of God's love and grace and enabling of His people to glorify Him with His abundant gifts.

My own experience is one of God's stories. To go alone...to stay with 2 people I have never met, (and enjoy them tremendously!) To have peace all the way through, for this anxiety-prone girl was a miracle. I told hubby I could tell a thousand women were praying for this confrence.

Beautiful. That is what I came away with. God's girls are beautiful! They radiate love, and faith, and grace. They exude the fragrance of joy, and peace, and hope. Our desires are for Jesus to be magnified through our tiny little lives. What a privelege. What a glorious honor to be united with the King of Kings and called to take His message to our little corner of the world.

When I was doing all those things on Monday afternoon, the Lord was speaking to me about the fact that all we do speaks. It says something. Our lives speak. Our actions, our words, our looks, our choices, our priorities, our passions. All of what we are and do speaks to those around us.

I recalled Lysa talking about being in preparation in the ordinary things of life, like David tending the sheep. I remembered a verse saying "who despises the day of small things?" to Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4:10. Here the Lord was talking to Zerubbabel about the things that He was going to do through him (not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord" (verse 6) The promise that not only had he laid the foundation, but he would complete the temple he was building. Isn't that what we are in process of too?

This morning I had to study for a test for an online class I have been taking. The opening prayer in one chapter read as follows:

Lord, we consecrate ourselves to you; we sanctify ourselves without regard to divisions! Build us together with those who love You as we do! Make us a living temple and then draw all men, even all nations, unto Yourself. (scripture refrences 2 Chr 5:11-14; Eph 2:21,22.)

As I meditated on that, I thought that was what we were doing! We had set apart ourselves and the weekend without regard to divisions-in Chronicles the divisions were the tribes of Israel, while @ She Speaks it could be denominational divisions or locational divisions. We were being built together with those who love the Lord, and He was/is making of us a living temple to draw others to Himself.

Glory, Glory!!

At first I felt as if I had to go full speed ahead and make sure I utilized everything I learned so I wouldn't forget/or have spent the money in vain. God corrected me quickly in my heart...It is my work. Wait on Me. Yes, His yolk is easy. I am His. I wait.

What delight it was to meet friends from our little blog world.

Robin...you are so sweet, thank you for letting me room with you. I enjoyed our talks past midnight...

Angie, you and your sister are the cutest girls with beautiful smiles. I am so glad we got to meet face to face and hug. I'll never forget sitting there telling the Lord how I wanted to meet you and then turning around seconds later and looking in your face. Praise Him! As soon as I get photos in the computer, I'll post a pic of clouds that look like snow-covered mountains in Alaska. Yes, I got to see the glory of God in the friendly skies on Sunday. I was in awe...

And now, it is time for she sleeps...


Starr said...

Kathy, so glad you had such an awesome time this past weekend. I did too! Wow, it took lots of faith for you to come alone like you did. Don't know if I could have done that. God definitely has His hand on you. Keep moving forward, girl!
Love and Blessings,
Starr LaPradd

Robin said...

It has been so fun to read everyone's reflections of the weekend. I so enjoyed being your roommate - I do believe it was God ordained!
Serving God in the small things - we forget that sometimes don't we, when all we do is put our eyes on the things of grandeur.
I can't wait to see your pictures.

Angie said...

First, I miss you like CRAZY!
Second, this is a powerful post!
Third, Tell me about the online Bible course you are taking...(is is a Bible Course?)
Fourth, WHEN are you coming back down here??? (except you'd have to go further south!---but I promise cake and sweet tea!)
I am more thankful than I can express at God for having the privilege of meeting you! I love you dearly!