Friday, April 17, 2009

Let's Roll

I have not kept my blog updated on the wedding planning since life has been full~speed ahead lately. So here is a snapshot of the latest:

Andrew finally proposed to Kayla! He took her down by the lake behind his house, got on his knee and asked her to be his bride. Since it was such a long time in coming, her mouth hung open in shock, and after some "bantering between them" such as, "For real?!?" (I wasn't there, so am unsure of what actually transpired~smile) and walking back up to the house, she was informed that she hadn't said "yes" yet...oh my!

Last night Kayla and I visited her
photographer which we are very excited about. Our bloggy sister Heather had recommended this photographer but they were booked, Vicky really wanted to do it, but decided they had to stick to only one wedding per weekend.

Since my dental hygenist is the only one who can talk when we "visit", I remembered hearing about her daughter's photographer with whom they were very impressed with, and called for a recomendation. Yay! When I called Tammy @ Rae of Light, she was able to do it, and loved the idea of a Friday wedding. We are discovering that Friday weddings have alot more availability when you are this close to the date when planning. We are a little more than four months out...

While laying in bed thinking this morning (that's when I get the most done~lol) wondering "what if" the weather wouldn't cooperate that day...which we are having FAITH that it will... but thought that Kayla should start a blog so that she could put the url on the "save the date" she did! This morning before work she got it started here. My sister took their header photo on the farm I grew up on, and Kayla edited it. Let the planning continue!

Please pray with me that September 4th will be "the perfect sunny day"!


Tracy said...

How exciting! So great to hear the update. So it's official...Congratulations! Sounds like you've got a great photographer lined up...that makes all the difference in the world! I promise to pray with you for a beautiful day on September 4th!! Want to hear something funny?? That's Breezy's birthday! (off to check out Kayla's blog!)

Blessings & happy weekend!

Tamela's Place said...

May Sept. 4th be a beautiful day in Jesus Name!

Our daughter was just married Feb. 5th. to a wonderful man who we so thankful to the Lord for. We are empty nesters now i will admit that i hate it, the house is way too quiet but we rejoice and thank the Lord for beautiful days ahead with new family!

Thank you for Ray Pritcherd's link i was able to listen to his message today on the sleepy bridesmaids, I have never heard of him before, it was pretty neat to see that his message was similar to my post, thanks again for sharing i am saving the link so i can listen to him every now and again. God bless you Kathy!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I'm going to love keeping up on the wedding! I'll head over right now!

lisasmith said...

September 4 will be a perfect day for fairy tale pricesses and beautiful weather!!