Monday, April 13, 2009

You're All I Want, You're All I Need, You're Everything, You're Everything...

"Moved by Him"...Our youth did the Lifehouse Skit on Easter. If you are not familiar with it, you can look it up on UTube or Tangle...It shows how the entanglements of sin bind us, and how Jesus delivers us from sin and death.

I didn't get it filmed, but took a couple of photos. It brings me to tears every time I see it. Even during the practices~I would peek in and be moved again. To tears.

I am sure when we planned on showing it, it never came to our remembrance that a couple in our church lost their son to suicide in 2003. But they came forward with a few words (and tears) at the end of the service...The father of the boy has only been a Christian for a few years...prompted by his deep pain, he came into the fold. God does that, brings beauty from ashes. Thinking of it moves me to tears again.

I think tears come easy when we realize that Jesus takes up the basin and the towel for us on an ongoing basis. He washes our feet every time they get soiled with stains again. Stains of unbelief, or gossip, or self-reliance. He is always there, waiting for us to come and receive His cleansing.

The cost to Him, the Power from Him, and the deliverance for's overwhelming! I hope you have been moved by Him. From death to life. The risen Lord has redeemed us, bought us back. All you have to do is repent, and believe. Then you are forgiven and become eternally free! Adopted into the family of our humble King...Love Him, oh, He is good!

Thank you, Jesus.


Joyful said...

Kathy, I have seen this before, but I watched it again just now (actually, the Tangle version I saw was done right here in my city!). POWERFUL. Moved to tears again.

I pray that I will always be moved by Him... and to Him.

Joyful said...

*oops* My mistake...the video wasn't from here...the advertisements around it were just local...guess I don't know enough about Tangle! :o)

Tracy said...

Amen, amen! Couldn't agree more. I know that skit well and like you cannot watch it without being moved to tears. Such an incredible visual image of what Christ does for us! Beautiful.


ServinGsus said...

That song is so powerful! Every time I see a human video to it I get shaken up inside; it's awesome when the youth use their talents in such a powerful way.

A Stone Gatherer said...

That is a powerful video! What a moment that must have been when those parents came up! Praying hearts of people were moved closer to Christ through it