Friday, April 17, 2009

Sisterhood Award

What a humbling thing to see my blog listed on a Sisterhood Award...Lisa @ Extravagant Grace is one of the first blogs I landed on when I first started blogging in autumn '07. We have only recently been getting to know one another.

Don't you wish you had more time to get to know bloggers? I think we feel an instant kinship because of the common faith and love that we share, but with life in the "immediate" world being so busy, it is hard to get to know people on a deeper level.

Since getting an award means passing it on to 10 other "sisters", I will pick the ones I have connected with on a more personal level...Of course those listed on my sidebar could be "the list".....

  1. Tiffany @ Tea with Tiffany Tiffany shines through her transparency and sweet spirit. She is very creative in her writing, photography and speaking. She is full of thanksgiving for her Savior and it overflows on her blog.
  2. Heather @ Mommy Monk Heather and I got to have lunch together last year, she lives about an hour away. She is a very talented writer and I had the privilege of "testing" a Bible Study she wrote.
  3. Angie @ Knightly News Angie just oozes "suthun love", and has been a blessing in so many ways, but the highlight was @ She Speaks, when I told the Lord, "I'd really like to meet Angie." & as soon as the prayer left my heart, I turned around to look for her, and there she was, so I ran up and introduced myself, and we got to have a Jesus~hug.
  4. Tracy @ My Cup Runneth Over Tracy called me to order from my shop blog for a bloggy give~away. We ended up chatting for about a half hour I think. We have alot in common including an upcoming wedding for our oldest...
  5. Joy @ Ponderings Joy. I met Joy long before we ever started getting to know one another because she is all over blogland with heart~felt encouragement in the comments. She has the most tender heart toward the Lord and her sisters in blog world. She is in a valley right now, and I trust God to be true to His promise that "he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed".
  6. Edie @ Rich Gifts Edie too, is a bundle of encouragement highlighted by her artistic expression of her love for God and His word. If you need any bloggy graphics, check hers out! She is a shining light.
  7. Robin @ Robinz Nest Robin was my "roomie" at She Speaks last June. We connected through the S.S. blog. Robin is a sweet and gentle woman of faith who is a gifted writer and does some amazing knitting and sewing for her grandchildren. Check it out~unbelievable!
  8. Kim @ Scattered Stones I met Kim because I read in her profile that she was from an extra large family like mine. We chatted a bit about large family dynamics. She loves Jesus and her zeal is evident in her blog posts.
  9. Shonda @ Shonda's journal I was thrilled when I encountered Shonda's blog because she had the same verse in her header as I do. She is most definitely an encourager and when I needed a prayer warrior one day & commented on her blog, she sent me a prayer via email that was anointed and part of God's plan to encourage me that day.
  10. Angela @ Redeemed Angela has a "fire in her spirit" to reach the lost with the gospel. God has given her a boldness that I think is rare for a young woman, and I love reading about her experiences and how the Lord uses her in her waitressing job. She is very candid and truly loves our Jesus.
  11. Melanie @ Bella~Mella Melanie is a light~hearted, fun woman with a passionate spirit for the Lord and His call. You can tell that she really enjoys life. She has answered a few questions about speaking for me.

Oops, I guess I went over 10...sorry ;-D

Thanks dear bloggy sisters for you love for Jesus and opening your hearts and lives to me. I love you. And thanks again Lisa for my award. You are very gifted and inspirational in your writing and speaking. I am looking forward to our phone call!


Julie said...


Thanks for your comment at my blog. You asked where I found my dress. Believe it or not I found it at Sears. I was actually pretty shocked myself. I had looked at all the "classy" stores, expecting to find one there, but nope. I almost didn't go into Sears... it was the last store in the mall to go in. But I went... and there it was the exact color I wanted and the style was good too. It's a bit big so I have to alter it, but that's no big deal. I'm just glad to have found one!

Happy shopping!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Aw Thank you Kathy! What a wonderful list of women! I go to some of their blogs, but I think I'll check the others out too!

Joyful said...

WOW...Kathy..thank you so much! What a sweet blessing today. My Mom has a saying, "Each new day holds some lovely secret waiting to unfold". During this difficult season I continue to look for a "lovely secret" each day. Thank you for surprising me with such a sweet gift. The award is special and your kind words have touched my heart.

You are loved.

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Julie,

I came here by way of Lisa's site and wanted to introduce myself. Some of the sites you have listed I already truly enjoy visiting. This is the first time to yours. I have added myself as a follower of yours and hope to get to know you better through your future postings.


Tracy said...

Thank you so much for including me on this list. I know a number of these ladies and feel honored! You've been a blessing to me since the first time we crossed paths here. How exciting this wedding journey we are both walking. = ) Thanks again!

Love & blessings,

Angela said...


Thank you so much for including me in this list! I have loved being your "sister" and I really treasure your comments and insight, and your love for Jesus that shines through every word! Glad we are friends!

Angie said... have blown me away! I LOVED meeting YOU!!! God blessed ME with that treat! I love how He gives us the desires of our hearts and it just melts me to tears! I remember well that night!
What an awesome God!
I love you dearly my sweet northern sister!

God is good! I don't deserve any awards, but I am thankful that He crossed our paths! THANK you for this sweet award! I will wear it proudly!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Wow, you've got friends! :)
(a fun spin on You've got mail. LOL)

I'm so thankful for this award and your friendship, Kathy. I don't even know what to say. I feel overwhelmed with thanks.. This group of blogging friends is a real joy to me. Such a source of strength and comfort knowing we're all here living out our faith for the www world to see.

I've not yet had the privilege of meeting one of you in person. But soon I will....I've been praying and God's on the move.

Thank you. Thank you again. I award you back this sisterhood award and ask for a double blessing for our Father!

Hugs and much love,


Heather@Mommymonk said...

Hee hee, I want those jeans with that pocket :) Thanks for counting me among your sisters. I'm still a part of blogland, just sort of absent these days... I'm hoping over the summer I can get back into it a bit.

So, you were on the right track with my mailbox news, but it wasn't about writing. I wish! But, I am praying for direction with work. I promise I'll post more later when I know more!

lisasmith said...

so many blogs to little time! How I want to meet all these bloggy sisters!!

Shonda said...

Oh Kathy! How touched I am by these gracious words. I'm so sorry I did not make it by sooner. I am so thankful for this award. Blogging has opened up doors for so many new friendships I never imagined could happen. The bond through Christ is absolutely amazing. You are also on my list! I'm thankful we can encourage one another in our walk and this journey of life. I'm so glad we're a part of this journey together!!

Lots of love & blessings in Christ--

Edie said...

Oh Kathy how sweet of you. I'm so sorry I haven't made it by recently. As you read on my blog, it's the stuff of life.

How right you are about not having enough time to really connect with so many bloggy friends. I'm so glad to have met you and delighted that we will have all of eternity to get to know each other. I can tell from your writing that we are good friends in heart.

God bless you my friend, and thanks for this honor. :)