Tuesday, January 1, 2013

God Is

The dryer hums.
The furnace blows, then not. In rhythm.
Scarce snowflakes fall, barely seen but noticed.

The tree lights reflect *twinkling* in the windows as dusk descends upon the day.
The pace has slowed after the hustle of Christmas.
Serenity treats me on the other side of these holi-days...

The clang has turned to hum. 

The packages emptied.
The paper thrown.
The boxes burned.

The year has ended.
The memories traced.
The hopes established. 

Sovereign God...The answer in questions. 
Strength in difficulties.  Peace in storms. Light in darkness. 

Have a Blessed New Year dear friends.
Rest in God's love and power.
Read His word.
Stand firm in faith.
Pray continually.

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