Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just had to share a picture of my boys... we had one heckuva football game on Friday.

I had prayed for two things. My parents were coming for the first time to watch Ethan play. Their team had been defeated badly the previous two games. I prayed that Ethan would be playing (it's been off and on) and that he would do his best.

What God gave was exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ask or imagine...The night was beautiful. We didn't even need the blankets (for the first time this season!) The game was evenly matched. No score the first half...but my dad was sooo getting into the game it tickled me to no end! I have not had so much fun with my parents for a long time. (I was sitting between them) My mom was really into it too, asking "where's the ball?...what happened?"

We ended up winning 17-14. All the way home we enthusiastically talked football. I have not been in such a fervor over anything for a long time (except prayer-have you noticed?) My boy played the whole game (defensive tackle) and he played good. I kept hearing his name from the announcer-that is how I know...jk...I know a little now about football.

What fun...to think I never got into football until my kids played (yes, Kayla was quarterback in 7th grade flag-football-and that is another story for another day!)


Shonda said...

Oh my those boys! I have an 11 yr old boy playing youth football. Each time I pray the Lord protect him and keep him from injury. I had a bit of scare last Saturday as the opposing team was quite brutal. I was standing along the fence at the line of scrimmage when I saw my son tackle and be tackled. Then watched as everyone walked away but him and the coaches and medic came to examine him. I snapped a picture and prayed. He got up and everyone clapped and cheered. He finished the game playing offense and defense. But later we had him at the ER. I cant believe he kept on playing but to know he has a high tolerance for pain. He has a clean bill of health with some contusions. Thankfully bruising was the only problem. Now I pray that he not play so much, but now they're nominating him for captain. Did I mention, he's the smallest one on the team? Who invented this brutal game anyway?

I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your parents!

Sorry my comment is longer than your post. May the Lord protect Ethan and his teammates as they play ball!

Nicole said...

Hi Kathy! I saw your comment on Jamie's blog and wanted to come visit. I am so glad I did. I love the worship songs you have playing!!! Your blog lifts the name of Jesus and that is so refreshing and has encouraged me today. What a fun picutre of your hubby and son. My family loves sports!

Hope to visit again soon!


Tiffany Stuart said...

Love the picture and the praise report of your son's success and the team too.

God hears and answers prayers, big and small, they are all important to Him.