Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn @ Bittersweet Farm

This country of ours is sooo beautiful. I think (without alot of bias) that we live in an exceptionally beautiful area with trees turning shades of amber, burnt orange, crimson and brown... We have rolling hills, rivers, rocky cliffs, lakes, and streams. Natural wonders all around us. From time to time we spot black bear, deer, turkeys, pheasants, opossums, raccoons (usually you see them along the road if you know what I mean) skunks (I don't like seeing them along the road-if you know what I mean).

Most of the photos I have posted are from my yard (above is our chicken coop), a friend's yard, or vacation (Kayla took the one at the top of my blog while we were pontooning on the Dead River in the U.P.).

October 7-16, 2003. We flew into Boston, and toured the city. It is rich with history, and exceptionally beautiful in the fall. Then we drove up and toured the state of New Hampshire . You can do the whole state in a week! We drove along winding streams, hunted for covered bridges, and rode a tram up into the White Mountains. The time we spent there was peak week for leaf peeping (a New England term we learned that fall) with sunnyand 70 degree days for all but one of them. There are more Maples in NH than in WI so the colors were more spectacular than we had ever seen. We all want to go back again.

If you ever get a chance to visit New England-do! If you ever get a chance to visit WI, you won't be disappointed! What are your recommendations?


Angela said...

I love your pictures and I love seasonal decorating! Your farm is beautiful..seems full of good spots to sit outside and be with God. I like to read my Bible outside, but there's always people around. I need me some land!! BTW, thanks for offering to fast with me for my friend. I don't feel led to do it at the moment, but the fact that you would do that means alot to me.

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Do you get Country magazine? I'm always looking at the photos of changing colors wondering where it's so beautiful and half the time, it's from near us. We DO live in an exceptionally beautiful area. I would love to visit New England in the fall. It sounds wonderful!

Angie said...

Okay...sweet friend...I NEED you to come to my house THIS week...and "dress" it for company...and for the fall! I am having company (a lot of them) on Saturday....and it NEEDS your touch! Whatcha say? I have a guest room ready!

I love the folksy look...mixed with traditional...mixed with country twang (that's me---the twang).

LOVE you girl!

Debbie said...

I am so glad to have come across your blog. I too love all your fall pictures. God certainly had the artist's touch when he designed nature.

You mentioned recommendations of where to visit. If you get back to Massachusetts, you should check out Salem, Mass. It has a bad rap with the witch trials and stuff, but it is such a beautiful New England town and just driving up the coast from there to Gloucster is so pretty.

My grandpa pastored there for over 30 years so I was able to enjoy and appreciate Salem and all of New England's Beauty.

God bless and cannot wait to visit ya again,