Friday, September 19, 2008

Writers group

I was asked by my She Speaks roommate to join their writer's group since they had a couple of women that needed to step out. I decided to give it a try. I love to journals, as a response to something emotional, or pressing or praising. It is an outlet for me, putting thoughts on paper "orders" them in my mind so I can see clearly my thoughts as a whole.

Thoughts are similar to parts for a building; 2x4's, nails, shingles... getting them on paper is like seeing the building completed.

I am excited about this now that I received my first bit of feedback. I can see how helpful it will be in learning. I also have very much enjoyed reading the two that have been sent to me.

So I am wondering...Lord, where is this going to lead?

Isn't the mystery of God's plan exciting? I mean, He knows from the day He thinks us up what His purpose for each one of us is. We walk along with Him, growing and learning, and surrendering and He uses us for His purpose.

I have always loved the story of Joseph for this reason. Imagining myself in his shoes, enduring with integrity all of the injustices he suffered. Or I have imagined myself in Jacob's shoes, not knowing all the time that my son was alive and God had this amazing plan...All the anxiety he suffered...the loss he grieved. What was the moment really like when it all came together? We get a glimpse when we read of the deep emotion Joseph experienced in his reunion with his brothers.

Now that I consider this story and all it means to me, I am grateful for the gift of writing that the Lord gave us to use as a reflection of His creativity. He was the first writer!


Starr said...

The mystery of God's plan is very exciting! I am at this very moment waiting expectantly to see what He has in store for my family and I. The best part about a mystery is that you have to wait to see what happens!
Love ya,

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Kathy,

Welcome to our writers group! I am finally home from a week of vacation (there was NO internet) so I am frantically trying to catch up! It is great to have you as a part of our group. How exciting that as we read and encourage one another in our writing we are actually partaking in God's ministry.

Have a blessed week!

Angie said...

Oh sweet friend....this spoke to my heart....following Him as HE LEADS me...that's what my job is. I used to wonder and yes, even worry---what I'd have to do...or where He'd lead...but I am learning to JUST TRUST.

This is good---very good. I have read on down the page---back over some I had read earlier...enjoyed them all over again.

THANK YOU for my snow. I have to tell you that everytime---you have no idea how much it means to me. ONE DAY the LORD will bless me to get to go see YOU!

I love you much sister!